How to Clean Laminate Floor Without Streaking

Laminate flooring has become the trendiest flooring type these days due to a variant of advantages. The main advantage of this flooring type is its cost-effectiveness. It comes in various colors, textures, and patterns giving the same aesthetic look like the real wood.The installation of laminate flooring is a breeze and it adds value to your home. With these countless positive aspects, this flooring encounters some limitations and the one you should take into account is its streak-free cleaning.

Cleaning the laminate floor is a daunting process because it’s highly susceptible to streaks due to small grooves on its surface. If you’d apply traditional methods of cleaning on it, you’re more likely going to deteriorate its surface. Soon the natural shine of your floor would fade out and the growth of molds and mildew will make their way in. To preserve the same luster of your flooring, you need to adopt a safer cleaning method when you’re dealing with laminate flooring to avoid streaking.

Natural solutions to clean the laminate floors should be your top priority as most of the cleaning solutions available in markets contain harsh chemicals which not only clean the toughest stains from any kind of flooring but also snatch the sheen of the flooring along with putting streaks over there. Try some of these tips to clean and keep cleaned your beloved laminate floors.

Worst things for your laminate floors?

Before heading towards the safe cleaning methods and materials, one should know about the things and methods that can destroy your investment by leaving your floors streaky and with a cloudy residue.So no matter how hard you clean or buff, a sheen will never ever show up. These harmful agents are;

  • Vacuum cleaner if you have kept the brush roll on or with high power settings
  • All kinds of bar or liquid soaps and detergents
  • Liquids, spillovers, food remnants, greasy or oily elements and moisture
  • Harsh Broom or stiff-bristled brush
  • Any kind of abrasive cleaning solutions such as salt, surf, steel wool, sandpaper, scrubbing pads, nylon coated sponges, whiting powder, alcohol, metal mesh cloths, etc.
  • Floor polish, wax, soaking mops, high steam cleaner, and any kind of bleaches

Now try this step by step method to safely clean your laminate floor without streaking.

Step One: Dry Cleaning/Vacuuming

Waxing, polishing, and the use of abrasive cleaners are the killers of laminate flooring. These cleaning and maintenance solutions would make your floor an easy prey to streaks and deterioration. Either you should use only recommended products for laminate floor cleaning, or sweep with a soft-bristled broom then wipe it with a well-squeezed damp cloth or mop. 

Don’t ever carry out traditional drenching mopping. Mind it, the longer the water will stay on your floor, the more it would become poisonous for your investment so never ever allow the water or any other spillover staying on your floor.

If you have installed a laminate floor, don’t pick and start vacuuming with any available vacuum cleaner,instead purchase the recommended one only. Even if you have to run water for deep cleaning, it’s better to use a vacuum cleaner with bare floor setting or brush up the surface first to pick up the large fragments, lint, fuzz, and food crumbs that accumulate on the floor throughout the day.

A vacuum cleaner with a beater bar would put deep marks and linage on the surface. Use a vacuum cleaner with no brush roll or switch it off before vacuuming the laminate floor. A high-powered motor is what everyone seeks in their cleaner but if you’re dealing with a laminate floor, go for a vacuum with moderate powered motor otherwise all the debris would be flying in the air instead of going straight into the debris bag.

A vac with the washable microfiber pad is much preferable to prevent the floor from grazing. Long story short, carrying out dry cleaning should be your first step even if your laminate floor has stains.There is the least chance of streaks and linages if proper dry cleaning is carried out on your floor.

Step Two: Remove toughest smudges with in house stuff

Dry cleaning, whether it’s done with vacuuming, brushing or dried mopping can’t deal with some stubborn stains. To cut through the muddy paws prints or any mystery spots that appear on the kitchen floor while you’re cooking, you need something else.

You’ll have to change the course of action to clean those tricky areas while keeping the real shine and most of the products available for the purpose come with harsh chemicals that are destructive for your floor irrespective of their claims of being safe for use.You don’t need to go on the hunt for an appropriate cleaner because you can find plenty of solutions within your own home/kitchen.

  • Tip 1: White Vinegar

You can save yourself some headache, money and time by simply filling a spray bottle with half water and half white vinegar. If you can’t stand the smell of vinegar as many people are allergic to it, you can put a couple of drops of peppermint oil in it to try to get rid of the smell and get a pleasant light scent. Squirt the solution on the floor, and then mop using the microfiber head following the direction of the wood grain.In one swipe it’ll take off the slobber marks leaving your floors streak-free and no film or any filthy residue behind.

  • Tip 2: Baking Soda

You could also use baking soda that has the same cleaning power without leaving any abrasion. Make a thin paste of baking soda using distilled water. Apply the mixture on your affected area of the floor and keep it there for a short while then soak a hand towel in hot water while holding a dry towel in your other hand and continue cleaning and drying the floors imultaneously. This is the best home hack for cleaning up spots and smudges that would leave your laminate floor very clean with a little bit of shine and absolutely no film or residue. By the way, bleach and baking soda is a method which usually used by household cleaners.

  • Tip 3: Black Tea

Have you ever thought about a cup of tea that gives you a sigh of relief after a tedious cleaning process can also clean the toughest spots on your laminate floor? Next time, brew two cups of black tea when you’re going to clean your laminate floor. One for yourself and one for your floor stains. Yes! The tannic acid in the tea is the perfect cleaning agent that cuts through the hardest sticky spots while giving extra shine to your floor and of course, it would leave no streaks behind it. Make it sure to use the fresh black tea and proceed with the same method by going back and forth a few times until it starts to dry.

  • Tip 4: Baby Shampoo

Other than kitchen hacks, you can head towards your bathroom to collect some best home remedies to clean your laminate floor without streaking. Baby shampoos are meant to scrub off the messy hair of your little angels after a full day of their putting head in every nook and cranny of the house. It seems odd but baby shampoo could indeed be used for many other purposes and cleaning your laminate floor without streaking is one of them.

Put some warm water in your spray bottle along with a tablespoon of baby shampoo. Shake it well so it gets well mixed and repeat the same action as you were doing with the previous ones and you’d be surprised that it worked the best while eliminating the dullness of your floor.

Step Three: Mopping off

No matter what did you use for laminate floor cleaning, whether it’s a homemade solution or a recommended product from your nearby store, you can’t stop feeling a little tacky under shoes unless you dry it well using some Swiffer type mop cloth or any microfiber dust mop.It really enhances the color of your engineered floors and they’re totally streak-free with no icky chemical smell.

While mopping, make smooth and even movements with straight strokes. Don’t scrub with the mop harshly otherwise it could create terrible streaks. When the mop cloth gets dirty or wet, replace it with the fresh one for perfect cleaning.

Final Thoughts

A clean home shows the level of sophistication and decency of a family and leaves a positive impact in the minds of visitors and the main and most important area which gives the first look is your floor. Laminate floors, at one end, got popularity due to their aesthetic look, easy installation, and budget-friendliness, are prone to streaks and need special care on the other hand.Traditional floor cleaning methods could not be applied on laminate floors because these increase the chances of deterioration in terms of leaving streaks and films. The above mentioned cleaning methods would not only help you maintain the maximum luster of your floor but also prolong its life.


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