How to Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing

Floor tiles are a great source of adding style and beauty to your home. You can enjoy a great deal of satisfaction if beautifully textured tile floor is laid under your feet. All it seems pleasurable but the fragrance of roses couldn’t be enjoyed unless you have to endure the pain of thorns and the stubborn deep-seated grime on tile grout casts a similar effect on the beauty of floor tiles. Without proper care and cleaning of floor grout, it could become not only an eyesore but also can put harmful health effects in the shape of growing molds, bacteria, microbes, and poor air quality. So, you need to roll your sleeves up, get on your knees and start cleaning your tile floor.

What if you use a coarse scrubber?

Picking a coarse scrubber would definitely save you a great amount of time and fatigue when you have decided to clean the dirt off of your floor grout and of course, it would work great but is it all it does? No, it isn’t. The scrubber would not only pull out the dirt elements but also damage the surface of both the tile and grout. Using a scrubber for floor grout means, you’re inviting mildew to reside there forever and you are sacrificing on the real shine of your floor tiles.

There are several ways to transform your nasty stained tile grout into a beautiful sparkling and nice-looking floor without breaking the bank and without damaging its surface. I’m not claiming that without using a scrubber at all, you can pull out all the stubborn dirt from your floor, but there are methods that can loosen up the grime to make it easier for a mop or even a soft scrubber to clean it off. Let me share some tips and tricks to keep the original shine and luster of your tiles;

Tip 1: Never wait too long

You’ve spent a fortune on your little paradise to feel the real comfort and laid eye-catchy tiles to walk on but as the time moved on, it’s becoming an eyesore because you don’t have time to maintain its beauty.If you really want to preserve the real shine of your little paradise, you need to roll up your sleeves and get on work. Borrow a few hours from your busy schedules or sacrifice on your prolonged sleeping hours and remove the seated residue from your floor before it becomes the part of it. The longer the stains would live there the harder it would become to clean them off.

Tip 2: Baking soda and vinegar

No one can challenge the cleaning power of these two great natural agents. Without using scrubber or toxic and expensive chemicals these agents would help you clean off floor grout. Baking soda with its gritty texture could be the perfect cleaning solution by getting deeper into the pores of the grout.

Vinegar, on the other hand, has great cleaning properties. There isn’t a safe solvent without chemicals other than vinegar which easily dissolves even the most tenacious grime sitting in the grout. Even if you don’t like the vinegar smell, you can overturn it by dropping a few drops of some essential oil you like and can enjoy your favorite aroma along with the residue-free environment.

Prepare a thick paste by mixing three portions of baking soda into one fourth of water. Apply the paste on the grout with a tooth brush or some soft scrubber. Mix water with the same quantity of vinegar and spray the solution onto the pasted grout. The chemical action between vinegar and baking soda would cause building up bubbles. Let both the ingredients work for a while and in between, you could scrub the paste softly then pour hot water on the area and mop it off. Most of the grime would disappear. The repetitive action will bring the real beauty and shine of your floor back without damaging its surface.

Tip 3: Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

Another great way to get rid of grout residue along with killing bacteria is using the hydrogen peroxide in combination with baking soda. Hydrogen peroxide comes up with extraordinary cleaning properties without pouring chemicals or any other harmful substance into the air.

mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide LEWIGS

You can either pour hydrogen peroxide on the grout you want to clean then put the baking powder on it and soak it in the hydrogen peroxide with a brush or make a paste in some pot and apply it on the grout. Leave the mixture for a while so that the residue gets slushy for easy removal then use a toothbrush or a scrubber. Soak the mop in hot water and after cleaning it you’ll find the bright fresh grout.

Tip 4: Dishwasher detergent

If you had believed you could never see the original color of your floor grout, you were wrong. The simplest yet most effective method of cleaning prolonged scum without scrubbing to death is using the dishwasher detergent and you’ll definitely see the bright whiteness of your grout again.

Dishwasher detergent is a composition of different ingredients such as oxygen-based bleaching agents, phosphates, alkaline salts etc. which can perfectly return the sheen of your floor grout. Take some warm water and put a certain quantity of detergent in it. Keep mixing it until it transforms into a thin paste then apply on the required surface and give it about 15-20 minutes. After that scrub, the grout with some used toothbrush and that’s all. After removing the paste with the help of a cloth and rinsing it with warm water, you’d see the grime is also gone.

Tip 5: Diluted bleach:

The gleaming of tiles is easier to retain but the grout is what the hardest part to be cleaned. If your dirty grout is a permanent source of humiliation for you in front of your visitors, don’t get frustrated and try some diluted bleach. It would eliminate the mulish residue along with killing the harmful microbes without discharging any chemicals and fumes.

Bleach has the best cleaning properties that can dispose of deep-rooted, tough stains in your floor grout.Buy any kind of bleach from the market and mix it with water having a ratio of 3 to 7 (three portions of bleach in seven portions of water). Spread over the affected area and leave the solution for a few minutes and then wipe it off with a piece of cloth. You can also use the brush for soft scrubbing to prevent any damage.

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Final thoughts

Nasty corners and tile grout seriously make our flesh crawl and heart race because it becomes the home of fungus, bacteria, and other harmful germs not ours. Cleaning grout is really a chore that frustrates us, takes our lots of time and money but we just have to live with it.

On the other hand, we purchase different kinds of chemicals and put venom in our lungs even if we succeed in getting rid of the grime from our floor grout. Trying the above mentioned inexpensive yet environment friendly methods will give you plenty of benefits without putting you and your family’s health at risk.These homemade grout cleaning methods will lift the pigment of the mold without breaking down your grout.

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