Frequently Asked Questions

It can be easy to use to find out the answer of your concerns about vacuum cleaners?

What is vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaner is a tool to clean and suck the dust on the floors, on stairs, on chairs, on table, on sofa, inside the cars, in corners, .... alternative tool for traditional brushs.

With traditional brushs, only the big trash can be cleaned and dust can be fly in the air and it will come back after some time.

With the vacuum cleaner, big trash may be not cleaned, but the dust will be sucked into bag or dust can. It’s helpful to prevent dust fly back to air and the air will be fresh.

In market, there are a lot of type of vacuum cleaners, different designs and size.

Detail of a vacuum cleaner is:

- Engine

- Wind fan

- Dust filter bag

- Intake port

- Exhaust port

Principle operation of vacuum cleaner:

Because of the similar structure, the operating principle is also basically the same. When the electric power goes into the electric motor will rotate at a high speed and create a very strong suction force. All dirt will be sucked into the dust bag after going through the dust filter bag.

What is robot vacuum cleaner?

Robot vaccum cleaner usually is called roomba, it can operates by itself whithout the people’s effort, follow the program inside by human’s brain.

It’s small unit compare with the conventional vacuum cleaner, less sucking power and light weight.

But it’s too comvenience when people is not in home. By the program, it will scan the map for home floors, works on setting time, and auto recharge power.

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