Carpet Flooring: Reviews, Best Brands & Comparison

Recently, the entangled patterns of carpets made them the masters of disguise by masking soiling and tinges. With the advancement in technology, the fibers and backings are carefully engineered to secure the tufts by providing the carpet flooring extra strength against crushing and intestinal water absorption.

Carpet flooring is in practice all over the world due to its cost-effectiveness as the modern techniques ensure keeping carpet colors more bright, vibrant, exciting and long-lasting. Along with added texture, carpet flooring in your space provide a feel of comfort in the area. This discussion will bring light to all aspects of carpet flooring to give you a better idea what type of carpet flooring you need!

What is Carpet Flooring?

The carpet flooring is a woven fiber typically consist of a pile which is the upper layer and the underside of that covering called backing which provides dimensional firmness to that tuft. Traditionally, the pile was made of wool, but, as the technology evolved, the carpets are getting fabricated with other synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, polypropylene, Acrylic etc.

Different dyed fibers are used to give any color scheme decorated with various types of outlines and themes. These fibers are either natural or synthetic which are looped in yarns through backing in different ways.

Types of Carpet?

Typically, there’re two major types of carpets; (i) Loop or Uncut Pile and (ii) Cut Pile and each one has further varieties of options.

Loop or Uncut Pile:

Loop pile carpets are manufactured from textured and flat uncut loops of yarn providing a stylish and smooth finish. These carpets are incredibly durable although not soft as the cup pile. It comes in different options which are;

Berber:This is the most recognized carpet style in which yarns are bent into a short series of loops. It typically offers a light and natural color and is unbelievably durable due to resilience from stains. Berber carpets usually won’t provide as much cushioning as the other options do.

Level Loop: As the name suggests, all the loop in this option come with the same height and length thus creating a flat smooth surface. These carpets are best for high traffic areas due to their slight stiffness.

Multi-Level Loop: Unlike patterned carpets, this type is varying in height with more enticing appearance and also called High-Low pile carpet. Along with durability, this type is easier to vacuum and less prone to allergens.

Cut Pile:

In this style, the fibers are sheared and the ends are exposed. These carpets come in a variety of textures, lengths and depth and add beauty of overall environment with their extra softness and cushioning. The popular styles in cut pile are;

Saxony: This is the luxurious and fuzzy style with almost .5-inch pile height in which the yarns are twisted a bit more. It provides great comfort underfoot but not good for high traffic areas or heavy vacuuming as the footprints and vacuuming leave their track.

Textured: Another cut pile style where fiber is twisted and then cut providing more casual look. The cleaning is easy with this style as the twists are pretty tight and provide resistance to stains. For mid to high traffic areas, it’s a perfect choice.

Frieze: This is a tightly twisted style which gives it a crooked appearance with noticeable sturdiness. The dirt and footprints aren’t easily exposed and best fit for high traffic areas.

Plush Pile:With short, highly dense fibers this style creates a royal appearance. The yarn loops are cut in such a way to produce an upright pile and give a velvety appearance. This style is prone to dust and dirt and not easy to vacuum, therefore, good for low traffic areas.

Benefits of Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring is associated with a bundle of benefits among a lot of homeowners. Here are some benefits which carpet floors offer making them the best fit for home flooring.

  • Beauty and Style: Carpet flooring is the main source of in-home décor which offers royal appearance to your home with its boundless textures and color patterns.
  • Great Source of Comfort and Warmth: Another great benefit of this flooring is the soothing warmth it provides especially during winter. A comfort feel underfoot gives peace of mind when the outside temperature is down while retaining the temperature at a specific degree without effecting from the cold.
  • **Minimal Chances of Slips and Falls:**There are rare chances of falling down on this flooring or slipping thus preventing from any injuries. This is extremely safe especially for small children and people with old ages by cushioning their footsteps.
  • Doesn’t Reflect Noise: It absorbs the noise when you walk over or move things around.It increases the audibility of your surroundings by lessening the sound echoing factor. This is why it is kids friendly.
  • Provide Better Indoor Air Quality: Unlike bare flooring that tosses the dust back into the air, carpets tend to retain those dust particles and if vacuumed at frequent basis, it offers improved air quality and great for allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • Versatility: This is the most versatile flooring in its nature. If you’re fed up with your old flooring, no need to tear your existing floor apart and just sale the old carpet and get new one to give the new aesthetic look to your home. Without spending lot of money and time on constructing new floors, you can simply change carpet flooring every few years.
  • Affordable and Long-Lasting: Carpets aren’t prone to wear and tear if well taken care of. Their lifespan is incredibly long which makes it very much economical flooring type.
  • Adds Value to Your Home: With nice-looking shades and colors in carpets, your home gives a luxurious and pleasing look which adds resale value to your home.

Cons of Carpet Flooring

Although carpets have numerous advantages, there are few drawbacks accompanying with them.

  • Retain Allergens: Carpets attract dust and dirt particles and retain them unless vacuumed appropriately. This allergy provoking flooring is a health risk for allergy sufferers.
  • Maintenance: Maintaining the carpet floors isn’t a piece of cake. Cleaning with brooms is out of question and a powerful vacuum cleaner is the first requirement which takes sufficient time to keep clean carpet floors.
  • Spills and Kids/Pets Urination: Water spills and accidental urination of your small kids or pets aren’t easier to clean and dry up. These spills leave bad odor and cause of growing molds and dander.
  • Not Good for Tropical Areas: The tropical areas where humidity level is high, moisture penetrates through the piles and create odor, molds and mildew.
  • Pet Hair: Pets shed hair frequently and these intermingled with carpet yarns very easily. With carpet flooring, it’s hard to remove pet hair without specific vacuums and tough cleaning.
  • Stains: You are shampooing your carpets diligently at regular basis, still you can’t escape from staining them. Stains on carpet floors are the part of life unless you find the right vacuum to keep them stain-free.

Popular Carpet Brands

Choosing the right carpet flooring is pretty overwhelming if you’ve no knowledge about the manufacturers due to their vast varieties. Although, there’s a long list of carpet flooring brands, here’s are top of the five brands offering carpet flooring with their superlative credentials you can choose from.


We have kept this STAINMASTER brand top of the list due to its high-quality products in every niche in carpet flooring. They have five main product types which are;

  • STAINMASTER PetProtect comes with unbelievable stain protection against eventhe messiest pet stains. These carpets line is highly resilient to pet hair and keeps the environment odor-free. Cleaning these carpets is a breeze. long-lasting colors keep their shine for decadesalong with great underfoot comfort.
  • STAINMASTERLiveWell™ is built using AllerShield™ technology which deters the accumulation of allergens into the piles and could easily be eradicated just with light vacuuming.
  • STAINMASTER Active Family offers exceptional longevity with its high-quality material that is easier to clean and keeps the stains away without damaging its softness.
  • STAINMASTER TruSoft created with specially engineered fibers which provide great softness and comfort. It’s the enemy of stains no matter how much your kids or you messed it up.
  • STAINMASTER Essentials is budget-friendly masterpiece that offers premium indoor décor without consuming your extra bucks. Best for light traffic areas with great stain and soil resistance thus adding value to your home.

2. Mohawk:

Mohawk is another quality-proven brand in carpet flooring built its reputation over years providing a range of royal colors and pattern. Their;

  • Polyester Fiber: offers fiber-washed polyester carpets where Scotchgard technology is used to ensure protection against stubborn stains. Polyester Fiber ranges in Frieze (Twist), Loop, Pattern, and Texture styles. Fiber brands in this category are Air.O, Forever Fresh Ultrasoft, Wear-Dated, and Everstrand which are great for moderate to low traffic spaces.
  • Nylon Fiber: comes in Pattern and Texture styles and Wear-Dated fiber brand. This class is equipped with extreme wear resistance no matter how much your kids and pets are crushing and matting the piles. These are great for heaviest traffic areas that bear a lot of action.
  • Triexta Fiber: has incredible durability due to high resilience against stains, soil, and wear without sacrificing the original smoothness and softness. SmartStrand, SmartStrand Silk, SmartStrand Silk Reserve are their popular fiber brands in Frieze (Twist), Loop, Pattern, and Texture styles.

3. Dream Weaver:

The PureColor technology is introduced by this famous brand to keep your carpets newer forever. The PureColor technology ensures deep color penetration into the yarns like the red skin of a radish. Dream Weaver offers a variety of colors, patterns, and texture to meet your desired taste in their four basic product types.

Dream Weaver products hold lifetime repair or replace warranty against any damage (determined by the manufacturers). The carpets are built with extra protection to combat with the worst stains, soil, fade, and abrasive wears ensuring texture retention.

This company also safeguards your backing system through PureBac which offers industry first 10 years anti-delamination warranty with extreme flexibility and no latex and wrinkle.

  • Pure Color Polyester comes with lifetime stain, fade, and pet stain resistance. Also, warranted on soil and abrasive wear resistance, manufacturing defects, and texture retention for 15-years.
  • Pure Color Soft Polyester same goes with this product as the first one but the warranty against soil and abrasive wear resistance, manufacturing defects, and texture retention increased by 10 more years totaling 25-years.
  • Pure Color Nylon holds the same warranties as Pure Color Polyester.
  • Pure Color Soft Solution Nylon comes with similar offers as the Pure Color Soft Polyester.

4. Shaw:

Shaw is definitely the market leader in all type of flooring and carpet floors have no exception. Just fantasize your choice and Shaw will make it real. Shaw holds premium collection of Bellera, Caress,Colorwall, Foundations, Simply the Best, andTruAccents in a wide range of colors.

Their luxurious textures come in Loop, Pattern, Texture, and Twist in 12- and 15-feet width. The products material Shaw offers are, All Nylon, All Polyester,Anso Nylon,Cleartouch Polyester, Endurance, R2X Nylon, andStainmaster Nylon with highly flexible, lightweight and smooth backing using three royal technologies ClassicBac,LifeGuard, andSoftBac.

5. Aladdin Mills:

This is another top-notch carpet manufacturing company based in the USA that offers all the major carpet styles which include Cut Pile, Cut Pile Graphic, Cut Pile Pattern, Cut and Loop, Graphic Loop, Patterned Loop, Level Loop, and Textured Loop.

Aladdin prepares its carpets with four specific fibers Colorstrand Nylon, Colorstrand SD Nylon, EnviroStrand SD PET, and Permastrand Olefin. The backing is ultra-premium in different offerings which are UltraSet,UltraSet Matrix,UltraSet NXT,Ultraset,Weldlok,and Weldlok Plus.

Piece Dyed, Precision Dyed Injection, Solution Dyed, and Solution Dyed/Yarn Dyed methods are used in dyeing in three face weights, below 20 oz, 20 to 28 oz, and over 28 oz.

How to choose High-Quality Carpet Flooring?

Installation of carpet flooring needs many considerations to save your investment, give your home flooring a new and luxurious appearance and much more. A lot of homework you need to do before installation of new carpet floor.

  • Carpet type:

We’ve already discussed different types of carpets in both cut and loop piles. Each type is made of different materials and in different styles. If you are living in high traffic area, you have small kids, pets or plenty of action is involved, loop pile carpets should be your first choice.

On the other hand, if you’re a small family with no pets and have low traffic, plush or deep pile carpet would work best. These types attract more dust and need regular vacuuming as well.

  • Carpet Quality:

There’re numerous brands out there manufacturing carpets and each carpet type come in different qualities. Warranties are one way that ensures the longevity of the product. Consider texture and finish of the carpet. A common misconception about the fiber thickness exists but it’s not the case. It just increases the cushioning not quality. Same goes with color or pattern. The material is the final thing to consider for quality product.

  • Fiber Type:

There are five basic types of fibers used in carpet making. Each one has its own pros and cons. i.e.

(i) Nylon is the major synthetic fiber used in carpets all over the world. This is expensive fiber other than original wool. It has great resilience against stains, soil, and abrasion and can hold the twists firmly. It’s best for high traffic areas.

(ii) Olefin is also called polypropylene is the second-best synthetic fiber with strong threads. This is easy to maintain and has good resistance against wear and stains. It is also best for the areas prone to moisture due to its resilience against moisture and molds. It’s not that much fluffy feeling underfoot.

(iii) Polyester is popular due to its cost-effectiveness. The quality of polyester isn’t that great as the first two and prone to fading and can stain. It’s best for mid to low traffic areas with great cushioning.

(iv) Acrylic is not widely used but great for sun exposed areas due to its colors won’t fade in sun bleaching. It can pill and fizz way easily. However, with very low budget, it gives the feel and appearance of real wool.

(v) Wool is the only natural fiber and most expensive in carpets which give the real luxurious feel underfoot. It’s very sturdy and lost for decades with great resistance against soil and stain.

(vi) Blends The combination of two or more fibers is a great addition in carpet manufacturing with lots of advantages. The overall feel, appearance, and performance of the carpet is improved yet keeping it budget friendly.

  • Budget:

It’s the first thing to consider before going for quality material. Make an estimation of cost for the material, installation, transportation, labor, padding etc. you can get quotes from different manufacturers.

  • Installation Quality:

No matter how much you’ve spent on your carpet material quality, if it’s not installed in the right way, your investment is drowned. A low budget carpet can give luxurious feel if installed properly and a high-end carpet material end up with lumps, seams and other issues if third-rate installation is done and definitely it’ll impact the overall life of your flooring.

Quality installation by a pro can cost you extra but it’ll save your major investment.

  • Maintenance:

Purchasing and installing a new carpet floor is the one task you’ve worked on but it’s commonly said that buying a vehicle isn’t a big challenge, keeping it running on the road is the actual test due to its maintenance and fuel needs and definitely it requires continuous budget. Same is the case with carpet flooring.

The fuel for carpet is regular cleaning with proper vacuum cleaner (refer top 5 best vacuum for carpet), preventing from excessive spills, growth of dander and fungus, exposure to moisture etc. Low pile carpets need less maintenance, therefore, for high traffic areas, opt for this option. Deep pile carpets need extra attention and are hard to clean, so better to get if you have small family and no pets.

Installation costs

Suppose, you have a room of 10×10, the average cost for carpeting goes from $2 to $4/sq. ft. this cost varies depending on the size, carpet quality, labor, and many other aspects.

Carpets made with synthetic material (nylon, olefin, polyester etc.) priced between $.69 to $6.31/sq. ft and in case of wool its average price is $11/sq. ft.

Padding costs from $0.35 to $0.55/sq. ft. Cost on labor is $0.58 – $2.00/sq. ft which makes total of $1.62 to $8.86/sq. ft for synthetic material and $11.93 to $13.55/sq. ft for wool carpet.

So, the average cost of carpet with synthetic material per sq. ft is $3.5 and for wool carpet is $11

Average cost of padding per sq. ft is $.45

Averages cost of labor is $1.29 per sq. ft

So, the average cost with synthetic material carpet for a room of 10 x 10 sq. ft is $3.5+$.45+$1.29=$5.24 x 100=$524

The average cost with wool carpet for a room of 10 x 10 sq. ft is $11+$.45+$1.29=$12.74 x 100=$1274

The above prices are average and could be less or more in accordance with different other features and factors like carpet prices by design (loop, shag, pattern, textured etc.), by features (stain, fade, and wear resistance, padding material, fiber dyes, etc.), by material (wool, nylon, olefin, polyester, cotton etc.), pile thickness, density, face weight, twist, PAR (Performance, Appearance, Retention) rating.

Carpet Flooring Comparison:

Each flooring type has its advantages and flaws and carpet floors have no exception. A short comparison will help understanding the carpet flooring.

Carpet vs Luxury Vinyl

Both have their own sets of benefits with design versatility. Here are some comparisons everyone should consider.

  • Style and Appearance: Both come in a vast variety of styles and patterns but carpets are better in this field because of closeness to nature. Carpets help to express your personality with your interior décor.
  • **Warmth and Comfort:**There’s no match to carpet flooring in terms of warmth and comfort. You can have extra warm, comfortable and toasty feel underfoot with carpet instead of vinyl floor.
  • Maintenance: In this area, vinyl leads as the maintenance and upkeeping is much easier than carpet floors. You cannot mop or broom carpets and they attract dust and grime which sit in deep piles and only with proper and regular vacuuming, you can keep carpets clean.
  • Quietness: Although, vinyl also suppress noise but not that much as carpets are capable of. With carpet flooring, noise level is reduced by absorbing sounds and you indoors remain an oasis of calm.
  • Replacement: If by chance, your vinyl tiles or planks are scuffed you don’t have to replace the whole floor and just replacement of tile or plank will work great. In case of carpets, you can’t change a piece of carpet if a part is damaged and it’ll need complete carpet replacement.
  • Waterproof: Water spills and moisture are enemy of carpets. Vinyl flooring is waterproof.

Carpet vs Tile

Tile flooring has plenty of advantages but carpets are way ahead in few areas.

  • Installation: Decorating home with carpet is much easier than tiles which is more complicated and time consuming and needs professional’s work.
  • Removal: If due to any reason replacement or removal is necessary, carpet is much better than tile which is simple and time-efficient whereas removing tiles from the surface requires much more fatigue and hard work.
  • Extreme Temperatures: There is no worse feeling than walking on tiles especially during extreme low temperatures. Walking over carpet floors barefooted is a pleasure whether in cold or hot.
  • Noise Production: Tiles produce lots of noise but no matter how much action is done on carpet floor, it dumps the noise and won’t create disturbance.
  • Dust Particles: Dust particles circulate around the surface on tile floors whereas carpets capture them and if vacuumed regularly, these could be well taken care of without making the surroundings filthy.

Carpet vs Laminate

The basic difference in both types of flooring is, Laminate is hard floor equipped with modern technology whereas carpet is soft one that’s classic in nature used since centuries. Some other comparisons are;

  • Warmth: If temperature is your first preference, opt for carpet flooring as this option naturally provides warm surface to step on. In case of laminate flooring, these are recommended for radiant heating but it’ll require additional budget.
  • Durability: Carpets are durable and can last for years but laminate floors are comparatively durable than carpets. Low quality carpets will fade just in a few years and need replacement.
  • **Ease of Installation:**For installation of laminate floor you need professionals and it will cost you extra whereas carpet floor installation is a DIY task and you can do it by yourself.
  • Natural Look: Laminate is not real, just a photographic image which gives the imitate look of wood. Carpet is all real and this is what makes it more popular among homeowners.
  • Coziness: Stepping on carpet give you a sigh of relief when there’s cold out there. Laminate floor is cold underfoot and is not comfortable in winter due to lack of absorption.
  • Cost: Although, both carpet and laminate floors are budget-friendly but laminate is slightly more expensive than carpet flooring.