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Top 10 Best Vacuums for Vinyl Floors Reviews in 2020 + Buying Guide

Without ground covering you can’t say a home, a home, rather it seems a roofed space with no living souls or barely a horse barn. This horizontal tract of a building structure delivers smoothness, hygienics, impermeability, longevity, and above all exquisiteness and suavity.

The floor covering or home flooring is prepared with a variety of materials and after weaving and finishing those materials, your dull floors transform into ravishing and gentle walkovers. Among other flooring types, vinyl flooring stands out to be the most resilient, nicely pigmented, and easy on budget option.

It’s an easy come and go if you’ve installed the vinyl floor in your home because the cushioning effect of this material saves it from wear and tear no matter how much bulk you’ve put on it or heavy foot traffic is on the go. The original luster of vinyl wouldn’t go away until taken care of well and vacuuming the accumulated dirt and grime is what really matters.

Upkeep of Vinyl Floor and Vacuum Cleaner

Crusted with specific surface treatment, this flooring type on the one side could easily endure heavy traffic without any damage and up keeping of vinyl is a breeze, it’s easy prey to dents and grazes on the other hand, if improper vacuuming is done.

To keep it clean and shiny without destroying its facade, you need to choose an appropriated and more relevant vacuum cleaner that not only picks every bit of dirt particle but also not put scratches on its surface.

When you are going to buy a vacuum for your vinyl floor, look for:

  • Brush Roll

If you’ve bought a vacuum cleaner with brush roll and have no switch off option or kept it running by chance, you’ve already managed to abolish your investment with your own hands. In fact, vacuum cleaners with beater bars are made for carpets and rugs to stir up jammed gunk to pick it all with no residue left.

  • Wheels

A bulky canister vacuum cleaner with small-sized and abrasive wheels can put the life of your favorite floor in danger. Try selecting a vac with large soft rubber wheels or felt padding and don’t move the vac fast on the floor to avoid any puncture.

  • Suction Power

It’s hard to arrest stubborn scum from carpet floors if your vacuum has insufficient suction power but the same suction could let the dirt hovering in the air on a hard surface. So, what we got here? A vacuum with moderate suction would work best for your vinyl floors.

Top 10 Best Vacuums for Vinyl Floors with detail reviews

There are two ways to validate the quality of any product including a vacuum cleaner for vinyl floors:

(i) experience or (ii) heed the catchphrase of those who experienced it.

It isn’t a good idea to keep spending your hard-earned money on different products to get to know if these are good or bad. Why not you listen the word of town and buy one vinyl floor cleaner other buyers have endorsed? After getting through plenty of customers’ reviews and experiences, we are sanctioning these top ten vacuums for your vinyl floors.

Product Name




BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop, Aromatic Floor Steamer & Cleaner for Tile, Vinyl, and Wood Floors


iRobot Roomba 690 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum for Carpets and Hard Floors with Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head


Tineco A11 Master+ Multi-Surface Cordless Stick Vacuum, Scratch-Free Cleaning of Delicate Floors with Soft-Roller


Hoover UH72400 Windtunnel Air Steerable Bagged Upright Multi-Floor Vacuum


Roomie Tec 2 in 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, ECO & Turbo Mode for All Floor Types


Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum, Self-Adjusting Cleaner Head for Vinyl, Wood, Tile and Carpet Floors


BISSELL 2306A Crosswave Pet Pro Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Hard Floors and Area Rugs, Safe for Sealed Hard Floors


Eureka PowerSpeed NEU202 Bagless Vacuum with 5 Floor Selection Dial for Multi-Surface Cleaning


Shark ION F80 MultiFlex Cordless Stick Vacuum, DuoClean with One Powerhead, Two BrushRolls for Bare & Carpet Floors


BLACK+DECKER (HSMC1361SGP) 7-in-1 Steam Mop with SteamGlove Handheld Steamer, Perfect for Glass, Vinyl, Wood and Tile


1. BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop, Aromatic Floor Steamer & Cleaner for Tile, Vinyl, and Wood Floors

Don’t kill yourself with harsh chemicals if your vinyl floor has remained a victim of aged grime and was hosting mildew and venomous bacteria. Bissell has something for you to deal with the filthiest streaking leftover from the family holidays, old accumulated smudges, and the big fur your pets leave everywhere.

Nothing can beat the power of nature and the Bissell Powerfresh 1940 model allows you to rejuvenate your interior with the natural power of steam. The water chamber has 16lbs capacity which lasts at least 15 minutes before needing to refill it; enough to finish small to medium-sized rooms. The three levels of steam setting won’t let any grime to stay further.

Accompanied accessory kit includes a reusable soft mop pad, scrubby mop pad, and a couple of fragrance discs to make your mood better while doing your cleaning chore. Its flip-down easy scrubber lifts all dirt particles without leaving scratches behind.

The power cord is long enough (23ft) to reach every corner of the room and no need to remove furniture because its swivel steering allows the cleaner to inspect underneath and capture deep-buried dirt. The motor power of 1.5k watt is capable enough to pull every bit of grime. The 6lb weight of this magic machine is fun to maneuver with no elbow grease.


  • Lightweight
  • Heats up quickly, cools down quickly
  • Good on most floors with little to no texture
  • Long cord
  • Kills 99.9% mildew and bacterial
  • Sweet-smelling discs
  • Pivots and maneuver easily


  • Gets the floor hot right after steaming, be careful with little ones around
  • The head is large, so tight spaces are an issue

2. iRobot Roomba 690 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum for Carpets and Hard Floors with Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head

If you hate spending money, hate cleaning grind, and hate a shabby house, put a halt to your hatred now because iRobot Roomba 690 is going to change your mood. You can now automatically schedule your cleaning task while you’re at work and can turn it on whenever you need to, remotely, from the app. It's quite thorough and it can easily get into spaces that are difficult for a traditional vacuum and best for your vinyl floors with no hazard of scratching the surface.

The battery runs for one and a half hours which gives enough time to this little guy to complete the task before docking automatically for a recharge. It transitions rather easily between different surfaces with its dual-mode virtual wall barrier and adjusts its cleaning head as required. Equipped with a full suite of IA sensors Roomba spots the hidden gunk and eats up leaving no remnants.

It also sends you a message when it gets stuck or when the job is done along with cleaning report. With its 3-stage cleaning system and multi-surface cleaning brushes, it does not get stuck on the loose threads on those area rugs that have hanging threads on their ends.

If you own iPhone iOS 11 or android OS 5.0 or the higher versions, you could install Google assistant or Amazon Alexa and connect this guy with your phone through Wi-Fi and control its operation from anywhere.


  • Picks up 95% of the fur and grime
  • Not as pricey as other Roombas
  • Not that loud
  • Could be controlled from anywhere
  • Auto recharge and long battery time
  • Auto adjustment for different surfaces


  • Roller gets stuck with pet hair or fur after every few runs and requires to be hand cleaned

3. Tineco A11 Master+ Multi-Surface Cordless Stick Vacuum, Scratch-Free Cleaning of Delicate Floors with Soft-Roller

Many people feel that vacuuming and fighting with the cord makes cleaning chore a pain. If you’re looking for a cordless stick vacuum for a reasonable price, that cleans your entire vinyl floor along with area rugs without stopping, you got lucky with this Tineco's second-generation A11 Master.

Tineco A11 Hero beats other cordless vacuums in many grounds. Added with a larger dust bin (0.6L), greater battery capacity with 2 removable 2500 mah batteries and a full array of attachments easily connected or disengaged with one hand. It includes an attachment that cleans one of the 4 filters and this is true HEPA.

Ergonomics/weight distribution makes cleaning job a breeze as there is no hand or wrist pain. The A11 weighs around 3lbs without attachments. There is a constant ON switch and no need to keep your thumb on the power button. Both the carpet and floor power attachments have useful LED lights to irradiate any dark areas.

The suction on low at normal mode is 25w enough for general cleaning and in max mode 120w at 450w motor power to suck almost anything you can think of. It works effectively generating minimum noise.

This model has a floor caddy that houses and charges both batteries simultaneously as well as provides enough space to accommodate batteries, tube with connected power attachment and two nonpower attachments along with holding the vacuum.


  • Powerful suction and excellent at edge to edge pickup
  • Quite operation
  • Easy storage
  • Lightweight
  • Attachments are injected molded, fit well and there is no air leakage
  • 4-stage sealed filtration
  • Spare battery


  • The only quibble is the A11 doesn't stand on its own

4. Hoover UH72400 Windtunnel Air Steerable Bagged Upright Multi-Floor Vacuum

Hoover has earned its name over the years in home cleaning tasks by offering unparalleled products to make tough cleaning a piece of cake. This Windtunnel UH72400 has great features to combat dirt and grime with 3 channels Windtunnel technology.

This little sweeper is significantly lighter in weight (weighing around 14lbs when the wand and other tools are attached) making it super easy to maneuver around. With so many useful features it has a nice addition to everyone’s house.

The ability for the head to pivot around corners with the steerable function and to turn the roller ON and OFF with a button is incredible. The swivel aspect of this little guy goes farther under furniture than full-sized vacuums. Equipped with HEPA media filter it doesn’t allow the dust escaping back into the air. The lifetime filters and hopper come apart easily for thorough washing.

The tools and the handle extension with the long hose make it easy to reach any corner and get high hard to reach spots. The hose attachment seems to be very powerful and snaps into and out of place very easily. It seems the manufacturers really had the ease of use in mind when designing this magical component. If you want an affordable cleaning solution, look no further as Hoover does the job and doesn't break the bank.


  • Large dirt cup capacity
  • Hygienic cleaning with HEPA filters
  • Lightweight and easy maneuverability
  • Lengthy power cord
  • 3 channels Windtunnel technology
  • Multi-surface use


  • Very annoying squealing noise
  • Handle is heavy and cannot be adjusted
  • Wire is not retractable

5. Roomie Tec 2 in 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, ECO & Turbo Mode for All Floor Types

Roomie stands out among its competitors due to the best quality products and after-sales services and this is what the end-users expect most. If you got a problem with the vacuum their staff will respond in no time, diagnose the issue in one shot, and send you a replacement part right away if necessary.

If you’ve installed a vinyl floor along with some other options and now unable to stop building dirt and mildew because your previous vacuum always left those trodden in dirt particles untouched, wait no more and buy this Roomie Tec 2-in-1 gem with ultimate cleaning power.

With dual modes, this cleaning master has excellent suction power on the floor even with the ECO mode, and a shocking amount of hair/fabrics collected in the dust container shows it works great on carpets and area rugs too. The "ball" feature in the machine head makes maneuvering the vac around corners and furniture a breeze.

The body is flexible against the base and the rubber wrapped wheels slide the vac around without scraping the floor. Although a toddler can pick a 4.5lbs vac, if still, it’s too heavy on your wrist, you have the option to pop the little guy out of its "floor" body and head to town on all the window sills in handheld mode.

The handheld part comes with an extension tool, to help clean medium-size corners. It snaps into place comfortably and removes the clutter snugly. The front LED lights ensure no residue is out of sight. The 2200mAh Li-ion battery life is great for a medium-size house with charge still left on ECO mode. The suction power remains stable through the job without losing its power as the battery drains out.


  • Great customer service
  • 6 LED lights
  • Light in wight
  • Handheld option
  • ECO & MAX modes for all surfaces
  • Folds down from upright mode for easy storage
  • Stops charging once the battery is full


  • Doesn’t work great on high-pile and thick rugs/carpets

6. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum, Self-Adjusting Cleaner Head for Vinyl, Wood, Tile and Carpet Floors

If you were seeking in a vacuum cleaner something which will leave your vinyl floors clean sparkling, read no further. Just buy this gem. Dyson Ball Animal isn't a nut job to assemble state and the quality of part is durable enough to stay up for years.

The vac is equipped with an auto-adjusting head and you need not to press a button to move it up or down for different floor types, however, turn off the beater bar if you have to move it from a rug or carpet to bare floor. Another great thing to know is its extendable wand, that won’t eat up the suction power when put on to grab inaccessible gunk with its 270aW motor that uses Radial Root Cyclone technology to effectively suck microbes and other stuff.

The included rotating attachment also performs better than the other variants. The Dyson has two spinning heads that travel in circles, and not like the main vacuum bristles. The Dyson leaves no dusty gritty smell like conventional vacuum cleaners, rather it operates with no smell at all causing no sneezing after use like other vacuums. It proves its HEPA filtration works accurately.

The ball steering works as claimed made for quick and easy maneuvering without greasing your elbow. Moving this up and down and vacuuming the stairs is nice and easy. The canister capacity is .55 gallon that detaches easily from the unit for easy removal of detritus without allowing the dust to escape.

The cleaner comes with three accessory tools: a crevice extension along with both a plain and a moving brush upholstery extension to clean far-flung spots. The noise during cleaning is whispering silent with none of those annoying high ringing harmonics some other vacuum cleaners exhibit.


  • Noiseless operation
  • Handful of attachments
  • Easy maneuverability with ball technology
  • Great customer support
  • 5-years warranty
  • HEPA filtration


  • It’s easy to pull the wand out, but when you put it back it takes too much time to line it up

7. BISSELL 2306A Crosswave Pet Pro Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Hard Floors and Area Rugs, Safe for Sealed Hard Floors

Did you ever wonder why your vinyl floors are dirty even though you mop them all the time? It's obviously with a regular mop. It's because you are putting the dirty water over the top of very porous material. Unless you scrub well after you mop, it's always going to look dirty. This is where the Cross Pro really shines and worth the money. Instead of dragging dirty water over your floors you're sucking it up and leaving no drop of water behind.

Assembly is quite a terse job with powerful cleaning. Just unwrap the packing and the machine goes straight to work with a single pass over large area and 2 passes on heavily soaked/stained areas.  Food, water, dirt, everything such as falling food, water or even with dirt on floors, this kind of machine can able to deal with them on its 12-inch cleaning path. Wonderful on the carpet, area rugs, great on vinyl and hardwood floors. Once you finished the cleaning, floors will be dried in short time.

If you have pets like dogs, cats,... this machine seem to be important to have in your house because the package includes a multi-surface pet brush and pet hair strainer made with extra care considering the safety of sealed vinyl floors to clean sloshing thick dog drool water around the area with their jowl and dried dog urine and lots of it. The dual-purpose pet brush roll has a nylon brush with a microfiber cloth to mop and suck the debris simultaneously. A specialized solution is also part of the deal to eliminate the ill-smelling pet odors and leaves your home nice smelling.

The unit is fairly light and easy to handle along with a 25 ft long power cord which allows you to cover a medium-size home without changing the sockets. The plastic is a bit concern but the company offers a 5-years warranty and that sounds great.


  • Five years warranty
  • Best for pet owners
  • Easy to move around
  • Extended power cord
  • 12-inch cleaning path
  • Very useful accessories


  • The plastic used in its make seems flimsy

8. Eureka PowerSpeed NEU202 Bagless Vacuum with 5 Floor Selection Dial for Multi-Surface Cleaning

Going from bagged to bagless is a great idea as the bags are quite bothersome to find and expensive. This Eureka Powerspeed is great for any surface including 5 different height settings and transparent brushroll view ensuring the safety of your vinyl floor because you can see that the brushroll is lifted and spinning above the ground when you’re on a bare floor.

What is the clincher you should buy it is its auto sheathable power cord because no one likes dangly power cords when most vacuums don't have a secure way to wrap them up? 12.3lbs weight isn’t a big deal to push and carry this machine along with a 25ft long power cord.

The attachments are user friendly, not a hassle to clean stairs, corners, or below the furniture and do a good job close to walls and under anything. Just remove part of the handle and put on 8ft extended hose reach if you want to go for high vacuuming.

Suction is not quite as powerful as its predecessor, but it's certainly acceptable for everyday use especially on your vinyl floor. Comes with 4 LED's to light up the room like a locomotive, making it easy to see what has and has not been vacuumed.

The tank holds quite a bit with 2.1ltr capacity and you can see when it's getting full. Emptying the receptacle is a breeze. The filter isn’t a nuts job to remove and clean. With 12.6” cleaning path, it eats up everything coming in its way. One washable pre-motor filter ensures holding back the escaping dust.


  • Affordable price
  • Auto rewind cord with sufficient length
  • Large dust cup
  • Wide cleaning path
  • LED lights
  • Transparent dust cup and brushroll
  • Different height adjustments


  • Create noise and expels heat
  • It can be a bit awkward to maneuver sometimes with no swivel

9. Shark ION F80 MultiFlex Cordless Stick Vacuum, DuoClean with One Powerhead, Two BrushRolls for Bare & Carpet Floors

Shark comes a long way in vacuuming industry bringing top-notch hassle-free products and this ION F80 stick vacuum is another exceptional addition to this line. The cordless feature makes it an eye-candy to the people who hate jumbling up with the annoying cords. The MultiFLEX technology is incredibly useful in cleaning those tough areas you’ve never been able to clean without moving heavy furniture and getting down on your hands and knees.

With its DuoClean feature, it seriously picks up random stuff that ends up on your vinyl floors and area rugs without losing any debris. The battery life, especially with two chargeable ion batteries, is perfect for any sized home giving 80 minutes of runtime. So, you'll never be without power by swapping them.

The vacuum head is not terribly wide and this super-slim head goes under all furniture and catches the strip of dust that accumulates underneath where no other vacuum can reach. Popping off the vacuum head and using an accessory is a snap.

MultiFLEX ability isn’t just for reaching hard areas but also helps when it comes to storing the machine once you’re done with your cleaning job. Just fold it and keep anywhere you want. The 8.7lbs weight is also a breeze and when it’s transformed into a handheld vac, it becomes lighter that a baby can carry.


  • Lightweight
  • Multiflex technology
  • Two batteries
  • Transformable into a handheld
  • Two brushrolls with one powerhead for multi-surface use


  • Can make cleaning task a bit longer with narrow cleaning head (although it helps getting tight spaces)

10. BLACK+DECKER (HSMC1361SGP) 7-in-1 Steam Mop with SteamGlove Handheld Steamer, Perfect for Glass, Vinyl, Wood and Tile

The best ever cleaning solution for any type of bare floor option not only picks up loose dirt and debris but also deals with the trodden in stains neglected for a long time or your previous cleaners were unable to rip them off.

BLACK+DECKER HSMC1361SGP comes with a whole load of additional tools to battle any stubborn grime on the sealed surfaces. The package includes Steamglove along with a pair of pads, one pair of steam washable mop pads and an adjustable steam nozzle. Other nifty accessories like a small plastic brush, grout brush, copper brush, and fabric streamer are also there. And no need to worry about keeping all of them safely because you got a bag too to accommodate all these accessories when your cleaning task is over.

The natural power of steam is now in your hand isn’t merely a saying but it really is and now cleaning is no more a monotonous job but an amusing fun. The SteamGlove hand steamer could conveniently be worn on the hand and the plowed in grime would remain no more an issue.

With the innovative SmartSelect technology you can vary the amount of steam in accordance with any sealed surface, not just floors but also other home appliances. The steam mop pads are extremely safe and useful for your vinyl floor doing a hero’s job leaving no rogue elements by killing 99.9% germs.


  • Great for vinyl floor
  • Complete cleaning solution with numerous attachments
  • Extremely light and maneuverable
  • Also works for glass doors and stainless-steel appliances


  • Cord length is short

Final Thoughts

After a thorough study and with a bit of experience, we brought up a few of the best vacuum cleaners for your vinyl floors you can trust. With the help of above-recommended products, you can save lots of your time and elbow grease while cleaning your home floors and saving your families from the unwanted filth and buildup unhealthy molds.