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Top 5 Best Vacuum for Tile Floors Reviews in 2020 + Buying Guide

Tile, whether ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite or stone, is one of the most prevalent floor coverings for homes due to its beauty, durability, less attraction to dust, and ease of its maintenance. When it comes to cleaning tile floors, the first thought comes in everyone’s mind is grabbing a rag or mop, getting on knees and start swabbing. Gone are those days now, vacuum cleaners have taken charge of all those fatigues. Using a vacuum cleaner over tile surface gives better results with great efficiency and thus providing indoor air quality.

If your home flooring is tiled, definitely, you should be aware of its cleaning needs. Not every vacuum is capable of appropriate cleansing of dirt and dust particles from every flooring type. If you haven’t selected a vacuum that’s the right one for your tile floors, you’re going to leave debris behind while moving forward with your vacuuming no matter how many times you have vacuumed your floor.

I have been deceived by different products multiple times in my life because I just bought things and found that these were not the ones, I was looking for, although these were best in the market but certainly not serving my specific needs. Long story short, I learned that thorough research and knowledge about a product’s each aspect and feature should be made to save my investment. Same is the case with vacuum cleaners. So, what you should look for when trying to get the best vacuum for tile floors? I’ve tried to put all the aspects what’s good and bad for your tile flooring.

Why Tile Flooring?

Tile floors are way better than hardwood and laminate floor in many aspects. Here are a few advantages of this type of flooring.

  • No wear and tear: Tile floors are highly resilient to wear and tear. Their strong durable base can stand up to any level of humidity, weather conditions and rough use without constraint sunless there is a severe impact.
  • Better for healthy environment: Water and other liquids won’t penetrate into the flooring in result protecting from growing dander and molds. If you are any of your family members is allergy sufferer, asthmatic or flu-prone, this environmental-friendly flooring will be your first demand which doesn’t attract pollen, allergens, and dust.
  • Provides aesthetics look: Floor tiles come in different color schemes and textures providing eye-catchy appearance to your home. In comparison to other flooring types, tile floors become more functional, attractive and versatile choice with a wide range of options.
  • Easy to maintain: Up keeping your tile floors is much easier than any other flooring. It can take whatever you throw at it and takes very less time to get cleaned because it is resistant to strains, dust and dirt. Tiles are highly durable but even if a tile faced a severe blow and it needs a change, the process of replacing it is quite simple and easy without damaging the whole floor.
  • No waste of time while cleaning: It doesn’t take too long to clean or vacuum your floor. A vacuum with good suction will leave no pet hair, dander, dirt particles and crumbs just in a single pass.
  • Adds value to a house: With all the above advantages, tile flooring increases the value to your home. Tile flooring gives a new look to your home and if you want to sale it, replacing your flooring with tiles will definitely add its value.

Do You Need Specific Vacuum for Tile Floors?

All vacuum cleaners are meant to suck dust, dirt and provide cleaned environment. So, why not grab one and start cleaning your home, no matter what type of flooring you have installed? No! this is not the case. Each surface type has its own specific needs to be taken care of and tile flooring has no exception.

You should be well aware of your floor construction and the capabilities of a vacuum you’re going to use on that floor otherwise a great featured machine would be meaningless for your purpose.

  • Tile type: There are two types of tile flooring in terms of tile processing, glazed and unglazed. Mostly the glazed tiles which have smooth coating being used inside the house should be prevented from the roller brush action to avoid its sensitive surface from scratches. On the other hand, unglazed tiling which’s mainly used at outdoor applications attracts dust and dirt and a beater brush is necessary to pick the dirt and definitely, this type of surface won’t get hurt with the agitating brush roll.
  • Brush roll on/off option: A carpeted floor could be vacuumed with the help of agitating brush roll where suction power could be compromised, but in case of tile floor, where suction only vacuum is the only option, it should be made sure to select a vac with strong suction. Without proper tools and attachments, a vacuum has limited success no matter how good it was built. All in all, a vacuum which meets all your tile flooring cleaning demands would be considered as the best vacuum for tile floors.

So, what we got here? A vacuum without a beater bar would definitely work for glazed floors but you have other things besides tile flooring such as rugs, carpets, etc. and you’ll don’t like to spend lots of money on multiple vacuum cleaners. The best way to perform your cleaning task is getting a machine with on/off brush roll.

  • Steam mops: Manufacturers offer lots of vacuuming options to fulfill specific needs of your tile flooring and steaming is the one which helps in scrubbing stubborn grime and stains from your floors. Tile flooring can withstand high temperature and this specific feature tugs the grunge off of tiles while reaching into the grout to sanitize.The hot water or steam is applied to the surface to slacken the grime’s grip and then it gets imbibed into the tank.
  • Airflow and suction: When you aren’t using brush roller to avulse the stains from the tile floor, definitely you require strong airflow and suction to pick every bit of stuck grime and spills. If the cleaner throws strong air onto the surface, it’ll cause in scattering the dust but with powerful suction, all the garbage will get sucked.
  • Ease of operation:Home cleaning is pretty exhausting process but it could become a replenish task if a vacuum comes with easy to use operations such as swivel handle, long hose, retractable and full-length power cord, and other tools and attachments.
  • Grouts: Grout lines are the fissures between tiles which could be wider or narrow and yawning or shallow and are prone to welcoming grime and debris. The dirt penetrated into these cracks is pretty difficult to extort. However, strong suction and crevice tool can do the job pretty quickly and appropriately.
  • Versatility: You’re looking a vacuum for tile floors doesn’t mean you have just one type of flooring. Tile floors get very cold during winter and everybody use area rugs, carpets and pave their exterior with unglazed tiles and these areas need other vacuuming options as well. Also, you have to clean upholstery, ceilings, windows etc. A multipurpose vacuum cleaner will be the best vacuum for tile floors as well as for these described areas. So, look for a vac with multitasking capabilities.
  • Wheels: Tile floors are great for repelling the dust but are susceptible to scratches.You are not using beater bar to avoid scratches and warping but at the same time, non-rubberized wheels would cause the similar damage. It is best to get a machine with soft rubberize wheels to avoid the situation. Moreover, non-slippery wheels are best for wet or glazed surface. Rubber wheels will not glide on the surface uncontrollably and will not put scratches on it. Now, the size of wheels is another aspect to be taken care of. Large wheels are helpful to easily move your vac no matter how bulky it is. So, look for one with larger wheels.

Our Recommendations for best vacuum cleaner for tile floors

After getting through deep research, keeping above requirements in view, going through a vast range of Amazon customer reviews and using some personal experience, I am recommending top 5 best vacuums for tile floors. I believe any of these vacuums will make your cleaning job easier with a thorough and deep cleansing of dirt, dust and other filthy particles without hurting the beauty and shine of your tile flooring.

Product Name




Bissell 1544A PowerFresh2-In-1 Lift-Off, Tile, Laminate, Hard Wood Floor Cleaner Steam Mop


Hoover UH70120T-Series WindTunnelRetractable Cord Bagless Upright Vacuum


Eureka 169J 2-in-1 Quick-Up Bagless Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner for Tile Floors and Area Rugs


eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Slim, 1300Pa Suction, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Dyson Ball Multi Floor, Tile Floor 2 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner


1 - Bissell 1544A PowerFresh2-In-1 Lift-Off, Tile, Laminate, Hard Wood Floor Cleaner Steam Mop

I believe you’d have seen very few products like Bissell 1544A with such high ratings and tens of thousands of reviews. This is such a great and one of the best vacuums for tile floors with a world of competences to perform your home cleaning just in the first go yet having a beyond reasonable price. And I am pretty sure, you’d never have to buy cleaners again if you have one like this.

This unit comes with a variety of features and specific attachments to carry out full fledged cleaning task from mopping to sanitizing to vacuuming. The most noteworthy feature of this model is versatile microfiber steam mop with low and high selections. The steam heats up pretty quickly that not only cleans your tile floors but also kills germs and dander thus providing you sanitized surroundings.

The detachable steam pod enables you to clean elevated surfaces like upholstery, ceilings, stairs, window sliding etc. This 2-in-1 model could easily be converted into a handheld vacuum making it super easy to move around with a decent 25ft long cord that will set you free from unplugging it when moving room to room. A 1500-watt water heater takes about 30 sec to complete the warm-up time and getting back to work. The airflow is strong enough instantly to dry the floors in just 2-3 run overs.

This compelling product comes with a bunch of cleaning tools which includes 13 nifty attachments along with a tool bag to keep them enclosed safely. Grout tool almost effortlessly removes dripped grout, paint, and caulk. Fragrance discs provide nice smelling and fresh air after removing pet odors. With an extension hose, angle tool, and swivel handle, it’s easier to reach hard to reach areas. The washable microfiber soft cleaning pad is ideal for tiles, hardwood and laminate floors to remove leftover dirt, smudges and streaking.The scrubby pads efficiently clean sink, counter tops, and other minor nooks and cranny. You can use the fabric attachment to refresh upholstery and carpet.

The refilling of detachable water reservoir is as easy as pulling it out of the handle and taking the lid off. It takes about half a minute to complete the process and be back to work.

Assembling this machine is all five minutes work and so simple a caveman can do it. The controls of this vacuum are super easy to run the machine with just a slight finger tap. The brush roll on/off options make it practical for all types of flooring and especially great for tile flooring to avoid scratches. To clean tough stains and messes on tile floors, you may select steam high option from your fingertip. For delicate surfaces and general cleaning, selection on low steam is recommended.


  • A number of cleaning attachments to perform multiple floors cleaning
  • Great water reservoir capacity
  • Easy to put together (assemble)
  • Steam heats up in very little time
  • The swivel head easily maneuvers below the counter areas
  • 25 ft long power cord
  • Hot steaming delivers clean germ-free air after killing 99.9% dander
  • On/off brush roll button


  • Reasonable price yet slightly more than similar steam mops
  • Material used in its built is fragile
  • Power cord is not retractable

This unit is fair cheap in current market, if you are facing a little problem with cost, there are some other options you can consider here.

2 - Hoover UH70120T-Series WindTunnelRetractable Cord Bagless Upright Vacuum

Hoovers launched T-Series WindTunnel UH70120 which became one of their best vacuums for tile floors with great buyers’ attraction due to its sleek design and nice-looking green color along with nifty cleaning properties.

All the attachments are on board with the unit and you don't have to waste your time searching for them when needed. The WindTunnel technology eliminates any chances of losing its suction resulting in great suction power. This model ensures allergen-free atmosphere with a couple of filtration system. The one washable filter installed on the top and a HEPA filter located in the front. The vacuum has a performance indicator above the dirt bin which turns red and the machine will auto shut off when it gets clogged or the filter needs rinsing.

The first and foremost requirement of a tile floor is brush roll on/off switch and it has no on/off brush roll option. You got embarrassed? No need to worry about. The unit comes with 5 position height adjustment which will work equally and efficiently for your tiles without scratching the surface. The power cord is 25 ft long which is great but the greatest thing is it retracts into the vacuum when not in use. Just with a slight tap on the pedal and it will automatically wind up your cord, so you don’t get annoyed with wrapping up long cord.

The hose is long enough (8 ft) to carry out cleaning of stairs, furniture, upholstery, and other nooks without pulling the whole machine. An air powered turbo brush is capable of sucking dirt and dust from couches, area rugs, window panes and under shelves. Another tool for cleaning curtains, ceilings etc. is dusting brush which makes the cleaning process a kid’s play. Crevice tool helps in capturing dust from grout and cracks between tiles. The machine is a bit heavier (almost 17 pounds) but it maneuvers very well and makes it quick and easy to get around and under things as well.


  • 5 height adjustments for high pile carpets to tile floors
  • Power cord is auto rewind
  • WindTunnel technology offers great suction
  • A bunch of attachment tools for whole house cleaning
  • HEPA filter and a washable top filter provide allergen-free atmosphere
  • Performance indicator protects motor from burning due to clog
  • 2.5 ltrs dust bin capacity
  • No scuff bumper for furniture safety


  • No on/off brushroll button
  • Vacuum cleaner is heavy
  • You have to hold the hose tightly as the suction pulls it out

3 - Eureka 169J 2-in-1 Quick-Up Bagless Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner for Tile Floors and Area Rugs

Eureka 169J is a great deal for tile floors. This little yet competent 2-in-1 design makes your cleaning job a breeze. Once you turn it on you will be surprised by the suction power borrowed from its powerful motor this little guy has! Soft rubberized wheels make no scratches on your glazed tiles. The turbo brush has on/off switch for efficient cleaning both carpeted as well as tile and other bare floors.

The 2-in-1 feature works great. The conversion from an upright to handheld vacuum is just simple with a slight push of a button. Its light duty design is easy to maneuver which does equally powerful as many large vacuums. The red clear dust cup is made of heavy-duty flexible poly carbonate instead of cheap hard plexiglass which is not likely to shatter from age or a minor drop. Its swivel handle makes the cleaning task much easier as it lays flat to get under the furniture to suck up all litter, grime, and crumb.

The power cord is 15 ft long which is not as convenient and it’s a bit embarrassing as it has no auto rewind feature nor any place on the handle to secure it so you have to hold it. Its wonderful crevice tool provides convenience to get to the tracks on your sliding doors without having to crawl on your hands and knees. A see-through dust cup lets you know when to dispose of the garbage.

The best of all the filter is washable saving you $$$ in replacements and provides quality air with capturing dust and dander! It is super easy to clean with hot soapy water but before reinstalling you have to wait for that to dry. Long story short this little guy does an amazing job for its size and the price for laminate and tile floors.


  • On/Off brushroll feature
  • Easy conversion from Upright to handheld
  • Easy to wash and reuse filter
  • Light-duty design
  • Very affordable price
  • Rubberized wheels won’t put scratches on glazed tiles
  • Swiveling handle


  • Power cord is too short
  • It doesn’t stand on its own! You have to lay it down or against the wall!

4 - eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Slim, 1300Pa Suction, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner forTile and Wood Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets

This compact cool Eufyrobot guy is the best vacuum for tile floors for a few reasons: very reasonable price, very good suction power, dead quiet operation, and sleek design. Its sleek design is so cool that it looks more like an art piece than an appliance. Its cleaning power is unmatched as it gets a ton of dust in the little dust filter. Some vacs are loud enough you can’t even have a conversation with someone in the same room but you’ll get impressed with its dead quiet operation. It is equipped with drop-sensing technology which ensures its safety.

The RoboVac eats up all dirt and dust with 1300pa of suction which has two options; Regular and MAX mode. The operation of the vac could be preset/programmed and while doing some other task yourRoboVac is whirring away keeping your whole house clean. On the other hand, you can use a dedicated remotewhen you have a specific area you need run over by just steering the vac over the area a few times, then let it go back to doing its programmed tasks.Itssuper slim design easily gets underneath all the beds and most of the couches, and places where a regular vac couldn't get to.

If something gets stuck underneath, it beeps for a rescuer and shuts down to wait for someone’s help. The battery time is such a plus that makes this machine incredible which keeps it whirling through its various "programmed" patterns up to 100 minutes with the same suction power. It always finds the base before the battery comes to a halt, gets a recharge and will start the next preset work.

This robotic vac comes with triple filtration system, a combination of dual layer filter and one washable filter. This filtration system ensures clean and quality air without any filth. The customer support is prompt and very helpful, so if some trouble you face, they readily come for any help from troubleshooting to returning the product and shipping new one!


  • If anything happens to machine, it stops operation without damaging it
  • Prolonged battery time
  • Triple filtration system
  • Drop sensing technology
  • Automatic recharge
  • Dust box capacity is remarkable in its class


  • It does not work well on anything black or dark color
  • It doesn’t always find its base before running out of charge

5 - Dyson Ball Multi Floor, Tile Floor 2 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Are you getting insane using a damn mop to finish the cleaning task on your tile floors? This Dyson Ball vacuum picks up the kind of very fine dust that seems to collect on your tiled floors. You can now hide the mop back in the shed because I don't think I'll be needing it very often.

This model has a nice design and is also extremely agile with the ball design - much less lifting to move it within areas and easily reach corners than all other vacuum without giving you a backache. The self-adjusting cleaner head automatically gets lowered or raised when the floor type changes and sucks up dirt like a champ.Its on/off brush roll makes it the best vacuum for tile floors without deteriorating the delicate surface.

Suction is unreal and consistent across all surfaces along with Radial root cyclone technology which easily cleans 100% of accumulated dust from drape tops.The hose offers great suction power with very useful detachable heads and it collapses into itself when attached to take up less space which is great for cleaning upholstery, ceilings and walls and especially getting under furniture and tight corners.

HEPA filtration catches all types of dander, fine dust particles and other grime and the prevents the dust from escaping back into the air thus great for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Dust cup capacity has good capacity. It won’t require to get emptied in the middle of cleaning. Once you are done with vacuuming, just pull out the dust container, push a button and the bin gets emptied from the lower end.


  • Excellent suction and cleaning ability
  • Lightweight in the same category of upright family
  • Easy to empty dust bin
  • Ball technology makes it maneuverable
  • On/Off brush roll and auto adjusting cleaner head
  • Extra-long hose
  • HEPA filtration and washable filter


  • Problematic hose (doesn’t always snap into place)
  • Not budget friendly
  • Heats up with continuous operation

Final Thoughts

Regardless of fancy features and nifty attachments, the best vacuum for tile floors need some specific specs a machine should have that suit this type of flooring. Just grabbing a vacuum based on great reviews doesn’t mean you have saved your investment and your floor covering. Making the right purchase is the key and I hope the above information and the recommended products will definitely result in a clean environment without fading the luster of your tile floors.