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Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors Review 2020 (TOP 5 CHOICES)

Installation of laminate flooring is trendy nowadays because of various reasons. These are very easy to be taken care of, your home or office looks great, shiny and sleek and these are cost-effective. The construction of laminate floors is a sandwich of a variety of materials such as resins, aluminum, wood, etc.  With proper care, maintenance and using adequate vacuuming techniques, you can preserve your investment for a prolonged period having the same bright look.

If cleaning the liquid spills, dirt, and debris from laminate floors is a kid's play, it could also become a health hazard if the dirt makes its way between the joints and can cause the production of mold and fungus. So, using the best vacuum for laminate floors should be your first task after floor installation. The selection of vacuum should be closely observed to prevent the flooring from scratches, warps, streaks, and damages. This guide will help you how to take care of your house flooring and what type of vacuum cleaner you should buy for its cleaning.

Product Name




BISSELL Adapt Ion Pet 10.8V Lithium Ion 2 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum


BH50010 Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight with Extreme Recline Handle


VonHaus Corded Lightweight Stick Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Bagless with HEPA Filtration


Shark Rotator Self-PropelledPowered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752) Upright Vacuum


Dyson V6 Cord-Free Stick Vacuum Cleaner


1. BISSELL Adapt Ion Pet 10.8V Lithium Ion 2 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Get stuck with this stick vac if you’ve installed a laminate floor. No matter how much crumbs and dirt tracked in on your bare floor this Bissell Adapt Ion stick vacuum totally hits that mark. It is light, sits easily in a little corner and did a great job at picking up dog hair and everything else you could see. The suction seems awesome and was easy to dump the content what was picked up without putting a minor scratch on your floor.

This Bissell has a ridiculously large amount of suction for its size. The suction power, together with the odd looking but highly effective V-shape front edge that helps to gather dust moving forward and funnel it to the center where more suction is present.This model is not like a normal carpet vacuum. It is 100% specifically designed for laminate floor or hardwood, specially vacuum the pet hair. It comprises like a rubber mop all across the bottom of it which is what sweeps or pushes all the dirt toward the inside of the V while preventing the dust from escaping through the back area.

Although it isn't like Bissell PowerEdge which Soft rubber covered wheels won’t graze the floor.The suck and light weight let you get around easily for better control without having to pick up and move or twist it where you need next.The unit includes a cord hook on the lower back portion of the handle so that you don’t have to hold the cord up with your hand to avoid rolling over it while you are vacuuming.

Since it has no rotating brush roller, there is nothing to clump or stop up. This thing sucks up everything!Even little pieces of gravel.Yet another great feature is the absence of bristles as they just collect the hair and drag around the house rather than going into the vac.Dumping the dust cup is a breeze and doesn't make a mess. The Bissell Adapt Ion costs a little bit extra than the traditional stick vacs, but this is well worth it and counted as the best vacuum for laminate floors and can get rid of the pet hair completely.


  • Small and insubstantial
  • Easy to move around
  • Very powerful suction
  • Does not scratch floor  
  • Perfect design for laminate floors only


  • There are some spaces that the sweeper won’t fit
  • It is moderately loud

2. BH50010 Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight with Extreme Recline Handle

Laminate is an excellent alternative to wood flooring as it’s way less expensive, easier to install and cleaning chores but the accumulation of crumbs can mark scratches and water spills get into the cracks which cause catastrophic damage to the surface. If you’re needing something easy to whip out and clean up messes, Hoover Linx Stick vac stands as the best vacuums for laminate floors.

Its cordless convenience is wonderful which keeps you from the hassle of unwinding the cord, plugging it in, and getting the cord stuck on furniture. Its fade-free Lithium-Ion battery life is perfect which allows you to do a quick vacuum of the whole house without needing a recharge. When it’s on charging, the solid blue light indicates it's charging isn’t yet completed, and blinks when it's done.

The suction is incredible which sucks all the champs in a matter of minutes without missing anything. With its convenient size and extreme recline handle, it fits under the tables, kitchen cabinets, and other tight spaces and finds the dirt even if you can't see it. There's no need to snap a dust release gadget and generate a crud cloud around your wastebasket. The dust cup is very easy to empty and easy to rinse the filter.

The Hoover feature lets you shut off the power brush on the laminate floor and it simply picks up what's on the floor instead of kicking it across the room. With a literal flip of the switch, you can use either the roller for carpets or switch the rollers off for laminate floor with enough suction to get everything up. It is so much quieter than the traditional bigger vacuums.It is light,doesn't take up much space and very maneuverable so no need to get bothered with dragging out the vacuum all the time.


  • Super light weight
  • ­ Great battery life
  • Powerful suction
  • ­ On/off brush-roll switch
  • Easy to maneuver with recline arm
  • Bag-less tank easy to remove and dump


  • Doesn’t have a removable hand tool
  • Plastic doesn’t appear very sturdy

3. VonHaus Corded Lightweight Stick Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Bagless with HEPA Filtration

Basic house chores and tasks become daunting and extremely taxing? Get this VonHaus lightweight stick handheld vacuum cleaner and day to day cleaning process would be a matter of minutes instead of spending hours. You’d enjoy the fact that it comes apart and turns into a handheld vac while still maintaining the same suction.A shoulder strap makes it more convenient to move around.

Dragging a heavy-duty vac on a laminate floor can fade the beauty of your investment, but with this super light and best vacuum for laminate floors easily glides over the surface with fully rotatable wheels without warping it and pick every bit of trash with its phenomenal suction. A HEPA filter captures even microscopic particles and gives you healthy fresh air. You can even rinse out the HEPA filter which seems a nice way to extend its life.

The 5.5Amp motor sounds solid but not loud, tinny, or obnoxious.No need to worry about buying new bags. Just a little push of a button and your dust cup is in your hands to get emptied. After rinsing the filter and draining the trash cup, reinstall it and get going.Power cord length is 20ft which isn’t that great for larger houses but isn’t that much a deal. The floor head is small so you can get into tight places like under the dining room table, cabinets and corners of the laminate floor.

Now, come to the other attachments included the package. It doesn’t with a brush roller so no scratches and scuffs on your laminate floor. A small brush helps in picking up pet hair. The long hose keeps you away from crawling beneath the unreachable places and picks up an insane amount of hair and dirt. The telescopic handle expands to a comfortable height and is incredibly handy.


  • Great attachments
  • Lightweight & portable    
  • Incredible suction
  • HEPA filtration
  • See through dust cup
  • Easy to turn into a handheld


  • A bit noisy
  • Power cord not long enough

4. Shark Rotator Self-PropelledPowered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752) Upright Vacuum

Anyone looking for most versatile and one of the best vacuums for laminate floors on the market would do well to check out this 2-in-1 Shark unit which performs more than adequate in real life.The lift-away feature on the canister proved to be quite handy, especially when using the handle in a detached manner. It allows the vac to get pretty far under the couch, kind of like a stick vacuum, which could never happen with a traditional machine.

When powered on, like a decent electronic start the motor doesn’t instantly jump to full power, but it elongates the run time of the motor. The machine comes along fingertip controls such as the push-button operation allows you to change modes right on from the ergonomic handle. The vacuum operates like a traditional upright vacuum or it can be used as a canister vacuum by placing on a caddy that can also carry several attachment tools.

A bright headlight on the wand is really impressive addition to handling the pet hair that could be missed. The bare floor mode is an extraordinary feature for laminate floors which includes washable microfiber pad that dust and sweep in one pass. The self-propelling mechanism automatically turns off for the bare floor setting along with the rolling brush action and increases its suction ability which does a very good job picking up dog hairs from laminate floors.

The power head, crevice attachments, and flexible wand easily grasp dirt particles from the tight spaces and can truly lie flat to get under most beds.The large capacity dust bin is thoughtfully designed with complete sealed technology which doesn’t let dust escape while in operation.Dis-assembly for cleaning and maintenance of all the filters is pretty straightforward. These washable filters ensure the clean running and the machine provides a dust-free environment as it releases HEPA clean air after grabbing 99.9% filth and germs.

The Shark comes with a powered roller brush TruePet attachment that works great on the carpeted stairs & furniture. Onboard accessories storage does an excellent job that enabled to handle every surface type, nook, and cranny. 30ft power cord ensures a one-time plug-in to complete your full house cleaning.


  • Bright LED light 
  • Fingertip controls.
  • HEPA filtration & washable filters 
  • Multi-mode abilities
  • Unparalleled suction
  • Lengthy power cord
  • Multiple attachments
  • Self-propelledswivel steering


  • It is heavy and cumbersome to maneuver
  • The clip doesn’t hold the hose firmly and has to be reattached regularly.

5. Dyson V6 Cord-Free Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson has built its reputation among its rivals in vacuuming industry by offering cutting edge technology yet making it a great option for the price. V6 vacuum is one of this manufacturing company’s best model and the cordless feature is what sells this product. It’s such a hassle to lug the big vacuum out and find an outlet every corner of the house, but with this little guy, you just stay put. It charges very fast and stays 20 min on the lower setting so you can get a lot of coverage in this time. The trigger switch helps saving battery time.

The 100AW suction power of this excellent machine in combination with two-tier, 15-cyclone technology never fades and makes quick cleanups a breeze and is a dream on laminate floors.Just keep all your vacuum filters clean so the nasty smell doesn't build up from old debris sitting in the container.Aside from the cordless, insubstantial weight, and great suction, the thing I like best about the V6 is the Carbon fiber filaments which remove fine dust without damaging the laminate floor.

It’s perfect for laminate floors with lots of suction with 2 speeds to choose from. Just beware if you put it on MAX setting the battery only runs about 6 minutes. You can get a lot more vacuuming done on the first selection. It’s not only the best vacuum for laminate floors, but with using an upholstery attachment and beater bar, it's great for vacuuming the couch or shag rugs too. The beater bar could be easily removed from this unit when using on wood and laminate floor.

An upright option would be more compliant for bare floor cleaning, however, it's equally convenient for small jobs and also can become a handheld for vacuuming the car interior.It mounts on the wall which is great for storage and you can run the wires through that mount for charging its battery. It doesn’t come with lots of attachments, just the long tube extension and carpet brush which makes it suitable for more than bare floor cleaning.


  • Low in price 
  • Saves space as it mounts on wall
  • Removable beater bar
  • Good battery time
  • 2-speed settings
  • Trigger switch saves battery
  • Strong suction
  • Works as upright & handheld alike


  • Canister is rather small& is tricky to empty
  • Battery gets dead just in a few months

Construction of Laminate Floors

Which one is the best vacuum for laminate floor depends if you have the complete knowledge of the material with which your floor is constructed?

Laminate flooring is just like a cheese sandwich which has 4 layers. These are:

  • Wear Layer: The first and top layer is fiber infused with plastic resins or aluminum oxide which prevents the floor from scratches and scuff marks. This layer prolongs the life of the floor and keeps its brightness unfaded.
  • Decorative or Image Layer: Under the wear layer, the second layer of hardwood, ceramic, or some other material printed with a high-resolution photographic image to give an authentic and vibrant wood appearance.
  • Central Core Layer:Under above both layers, a medium to high-density fiberboard laid to actually provide a base to the two cores. This layer is structured with compact wood fiber infused with melamine resin or some other water-resistant material to prevent it from any sort of dampness.
  • Bottom Layer: This last layer actually is the backing layer to provide a barrier from moisture to all the above layers. Like the central core layer, this one is also textured with waterproof material or extra protection as well as it provides thickness to laminate flooring.

Getting Dirt Out of Laminate Floor's Grooves

Although a laminated floor seems to be easier to clean and picking the dirt out of it, you'll have to be extra careful while choosing the vacuum cleaner to prevent its surface from scratches a vacuum can put on. Especially, if the floor is grooved, it requires special cleaning techniques to get the dirt out of its grooves without allowing the molds to grow inside narrow ruts. Liquid spills and moisture should be removed in short intervals to keep your floor’s life longer without fading its gleam.

Hence, there's a wide variety of vacuum cleaners available in markets yet the majorly upright and canister vacuums are commonly trendy for cleaning laminate floors. Canister vacuums are great for hard to reach corners, so are great for the purpose, still, they are not as much portable as the upright ones. Other options like stick, handheld, robotic etc. could also be used if they serve the purpose.

If a vacuum has a microfiber pad, it will do the job greatly without warping the hard surface of the laminate floor. However, try to use the microfiber in one direction for clean sweeping. A microfiber dust mob is way gentle on the floor than a bristle broom that tends to graze the surface. The plank gaps of laminate floors should be tightly closed to prevent damage and building up of fungus and molds.

Why Laminate Floors Need Special Vacuum Cleaner and What Features Are Good or Bad?

Vacuum cleaners are made in different shapes, sizes, features, and styles, some multipurpose, some with unique features for some particular vacuuming. Laminate floors have no exception where vacuuming is required at frequent bases but with special needs can help to value your home decors.

Regardless of different vacuum brands, some common specs in vacuums need to be existed to make them the best vacuum for laminate floors to serve your purpose. Vacuums for laminate flooring require added features with advanced and unique capabilities to ensure appropriate cleaning yet without damaging the hard surface of these stylish floors. These unique features are as below: -

  • Powerful Suction: Vacuum cleaners for laminate floors are designed keeping in mind with extensive suction power because the role of brush roll is eliminated (whether the brush roll is switched off, removed or not installed at all) to avoid scratches and warping the elegant surface. If a model is launched for multi-flooring, it should come with different suction settings.
  • Brush roller: Although, a beater bar is necessary to pick-up deep-seated dirt particles this tool is no more required for laminate floors. A beater bar rather damages the surface and is required to be removed or switched off if your vacuum has one.
  • Bare floor tool: This attachment is specifically designed to clean the hard surface like laminate floors. This is a soft brush or mostly it’s a washable microfiber pad that cleans the floor without grazing it.
  • Filtration for better quality air:There's no doubt, clean atmosphere is vital for healthy living. The vacuums for laminate floors are tailored in such a way to not only catch scrambled grime from the floor but also sucking flying particles in the air. Filters are a vital part of vacuuming. It’s better if your machine is equipped with HEPA or at least washable filter. The filters not only capture dust particles but also prevents the machine from clogging.
  • Attachments: If you’re going to get a vacuum for your laminate floors, don’t overlook the other things. Specific tools and attachments are required to clean tight corners, ceilings, upholstery, and down the furniture. Try to buy one with upholstery tool, crevice tool, swivel handle, extension wand, brush, etc.
  • Noise: If you've carpeted floor, it can absorb the noise produced by your machine but on the bare floor, it could be irritating especially if you live in the upper portion, people living down would get embarrassed. So, try to get a vac which provides quiet operation.
  • Motor power: Almost everyone looks for a powerful motor in almost every gadget and we discussed that suction power should be greater for laminate floors. However, if you're looking for a vac for laminate floor, a powerful motor will do the opposite job. It'll throw excessive air pressure and will scatter the dust and dirt and create a mess. A machine with an appropriate power motor will do the work best. So, look for powerful suction but not the powerful motor.
  • Portability: If you're a housewife, you should not be waiting for your husband to move your vacuum and complete the cleaning process. A lightweight machine is easy to maneuver. Moreover, a model with detachable components is easy to place anywhere. Wheels also play an important role. Soft rubber wheels drive the machine with ease and won’t put scratches over the surface.

Is Vacuuming Safe for Laminate Flooring?

The first thing we want to talk about is that the vacuum cleaner is completely safe for laminate floors. That is the comment of consumers, which is the reason why vacuum cleaners are still popular in every home.

To avoid and reduce scratches for laminate floors, keep the laminate floors clean and free of pieces. And the tool to do this task effectively is to use a vacuum cleaner, completely efficient, fast compared to a human do manually by sweeping.

Some vacuum cleaners are specifically designed to remove and remove fine, gritty dust without leaving a trace. Compared to doing a normal self-cleaning this would be impossible, fine dust could enter the air and return later.

And more specifically, robot vacuum cleaner is an easy and convenient way to maintain laminate floors when you have pets. It's easy to schedule the machine to run and vacuum every day without sacrificing life and keep the laminate floor clean and beautiful. All you need to do is find a robot vacuum cleaner suitable for your home space.

Most vacuum cleaners for laminate flooring today are designed with soft nylon or rubber studs to avoid scratching the laminate floor surface.

How to Protect Laminate Flooring from Damage?

As mentioned, by turning off the roller of the vacuum cleaner brush, you can easily protect the laminate floors from getting scratched. Besides, there are many other factors that need to be considered to avoid damaging the floor surface.

The sincere advice is to regularly clean the floor, sweep, mop, and mop the floor to remove grit, sharp objects that can cause abrasion.

If you have pet dust, it is equally important to trim your pet's claws regularly, as pet's claws are easy to scratch the surface of the floor. Covering a protective carpet not only on laminate floors, under furniture, and anti-slip pads and make sure not to leave residue on the floor.

The special thing that makes laminate flooring deteriorate quickly and damaged is due to moisture. This is terrible for your life and damages the laminate floor. You can imagine how annoying it is, how horrible it is! So regularly monitor the humidity in the house, if it exceeds the humidity level of 65%, this is the allowable range of laminate floors. Regularly pay attention if you spill water or any other reason that water remains on laminate floors, quickly dry them.

What to Look for in a Vacuum for Your Laminate Floor

If your home is using carpeted floors, the canister brake type vacuum cleaner is the best because they have a spinning brush, perfect for cleaning dirt on the carpet floors.

But for hard laminate surfaces, but these canister vacuum cleaners are unsuitable because they tend to be thin, debris going to a vacuum before it can be sucked, meaning that part of the dirt is complete being blown away.

This is not entirely true, as the designers have already thought about it. So, they add custom functions when changing the cleaning surface. The required action at this time is to turn off the function of the brush roll, which will switch to full suction, and clean the laminate flooring quickly, conveniently and easily.

Besides turning on or off the brush roller, you can also easily adjust the height of the suction floor.

When you want to vacuum in tight spaces like the kitchen, the light weight and precursor of a wireless vacuum cleaner are perfect for you, making it easy to move in small places, corners, and so on. and a quick kitchen cleaning of laminate flooring.

How do you remove dog hair from laminate floors?

You absolutely know that when there is water on the laminate floors, the hair becomes more sticky. So, do not let the laminate floor get wet. If it happens, use the vacuum cleaner's strong suction power, together with a soft brush to remove the hair.
That way, everything will be easy and the hair will be gone. Sincere advice if the laminate floor is coagulated and has a lot of hair, then the best way is to dry the laminate floor first, because most of the way the vacuum cleaner does not support to absorb water, the more water it sucks, the easier it will be to damage the machine. vacuuming

Do robot vacuums scratch laminate floors?

It's correct. Not every vacuum cleaner can be used for laminate floors, you must find the right vacuum cleaner for each floor type. Each type of vacuum cleaner will be suitable for each type of floor such as laminate floor, tile floor, carpet floor, ... and area used.
Indeed, the robot vacuum cleaner is so convenient, you don't need to do much. Set the initial parameters, maintain regularly, and clean the vacuum cleaner. As for the floor, the vacuum cleaner will get you done. With today's robot vacuum cleaner, you can control it via the internet, view the schedule of activities and set up maps, report incidents remotely. The downside of robot vacuum cleaner is that the price is not cheap. If price is not your issue then you can completely consider robot vacuum cleaner for the home.

Is Dyson good for laminate floors?

Dyson is a major brand and focuses on household vacuum cleaners. Dyson has a wide variety of vacuum cleaners, suitable for a wide variety of floor spaces. Especially suitable for wooden floors. Choose the price range, model, area of use, Dyson vacuum cleaner will meet your needs.

There are some other cordless vacuums for your choice and affordable.

Final Thoughts

After a detailed and thorough study, reading Amazon customers reviews, I've selected top of the list machines for your day to day cleaning process. You can count on any of the above products which have been recommended by thousands of their users, so I can say, these are the best vacuums for laminate floors. Moreover, most of the people just pick an item based on reviews but won't see whether it fits their specific job or not. This is the reason, I tried to give a brief idea of flooring type and its construction, so a top-notch vacuum cleaner will work way better if it’s been made for the same flooring type.