Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Top 10 Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors Reviews in 2020

What makes hardwood floors owners proud? It is the elegance these floors exude and the legacy that they hold. If you are one, then you would be pleased to hand it down to generations to come. Wouldn’t you?

The question is how can you maintain it for long? Well, there are quite a few vacuum cleaners that would do the trick. In case, you want to know more about best vacuum for hardwood floors.

Review Of top 10 Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Here is a rundown of the best 5 best vacuum for hardwood floors that you can rely on:


In my humble opinion, this Bissell is a unique vac for cleaning your hardwood floor.While the greater part of the vacuums battle to achieve the edges, the Bissell Adapt with its arrow head has no such issue. It is incomprehensible not to see its astounding viability for cleaning hardwood floors.Yes, it may sound like an urban legend, yet I personally have found it a good resource for the upkeep of hard floors.

This arrow head can vacuum around the furnishings without breaking your sweat. You will be surprised to know that you don’t even have to move the furniture around while doing so! It implies that there is to no opportunity to harm your floor while vacuuming or moving the furnishings.

BISSELL Adapt Ion Pet 10.8V Lithium Ion 2 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Its structure offers you new technology in cleaning. This means, you can access hard to reach places with this Bissell in tow. Moreover, this vacuum can pick up pet hair effortlessly, particularly on hard floors. Good! Its residue container is of high limit. Additionally, it must be stated that this vacuum cleans finer residues as well as larger debris. Bissell Adapt is somewhat more intense for its size, additionally has no hose or adornments of any sort.

There is only the one switch – on or off – not at all like different vacuums that let you turn the forget about move on or, or change suction. This unit can be adjusted according to your height.

  • Pros
  • Unique arrow shaped head
  • This gives you gradual cleaning
  • Is light in weight
  • Very easy to empty out
  • Great vacuuming of pet hair and even their track marks
  • The dust cup is quite big, which is an added advantage


  • Less of attachments to count on
  • A bit noisy

My verdict would be that this vacuum is specialized for picking up spilled grain. Yet the cleaning power is to some degree is restricted on different kinds of messes. It could be of an odd shape, but when it comes to collecting dust, it is beast of a machine! It is flexible enough to be swiveled under furniture that makes cleaning a breeze. This kind of vacuum is specially treated for laminate floors since it doesn’t scratch floors.



This Shark vacuum is very light in weight. It sports a smooth body that enables it to sway and zigzag all around predicaments and tight spots. You can change it over to a hand vacuum and pretty much anything in the middle.

The flexible roller speed control enables you to moderate the rotation of the brush while working on hard floors. You can build the speed to clean upholstered surfaces as a result of this. This implies transitioning can be done by the push of a switch! Brilliant LED headlights light up the way of both the floor head and the handheld variety when at work.

Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Ultra-Light Upright Stick Vacuum

The alternative to change over the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light to an adaptable hand vacuum transforms it into a powerhouse. The extendable wand can pick up debris of all kind, clean ceilings, vehicle upholstery and furniture.

In addition, this Shark vacuum gets for the most part rave surveys with regards to taking care of pet hair and mess. The suction is by all accounts so incredible that it packs the dirt and dust into the dustbin.

There are a wide assortment of devices and accessories that come with the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Vacuum. Some are incorporated with the vac and others are accessible as additional items. For example, the microfiber hard floor attachment may simply merit the buy if it’s not effectively included with this machine. It is washable and can fight fine particles mightily It gives a “buffed” impact when you are finished. The vacuum’s has a long 30 feet cord and this can be very advantageous while cleaning around the house.


  • You get a brand name for your collection
  • It looks elegant and lives up to its Shark name
  • The swivel action is remarkable for cleaning
  • Its 2X dust cup is worth mentioning


  • It has a lopsided focal point for gravity, which means it can fall down very easily if not supported well
  • Okay, the rollers may be need some work if caught with hair

The vac’s delicate roller brush can work admirably of catching a wide range of small to large rubbish. Overall, this is a cool vacuum cleaner that will not fail you in the long run.


3. Kenmore 22614 Bagless Canister Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

The Kenmore is a pet friendly canister vacuum. It is an adaptable vacuum cleaner that is intended to be light in weight and simple to utilize. A retractable line makes it simple to move from one room to the other. It including a straightforward residue container that indicates you precisely when it’s an ideal opportunity and time to empty the canister and there’s no compelling reason to take stress or worry about signs of change sacks.

This vacuum’s compact shape makes it simple to lift and swivel whole 360 degrees with cyclonic movement. Its structure gives you that cleaning control you’d anticipate from a Kenmore vacuum.

Kenmore 22614 Bagless Canister Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

The canister accompanies dust container, installed instruments, and a 2-engine framework to turn into an incredible item to progress between floors. It likewise brags of a retractable power rope which comes at an incredible length of 24 ft.

It was intended to be anything but difficult to utilize and lightweight so as to enable you to vacuum your hardwood floor effortlessly and rapidly. In addition, it accompanies lower and upper speedy discharges that let you isolate and append on-board apparatuses with only a basic catch.

Since the canister is little and minimized, you may need to discharge it normally. Fortunately, it is straightforward – implying that you can without much of a stretch see when it is full.


  • Lightweight and heavy duty
  • Vacuuming carpets and bare floors becomes very easy
  • No worries of purchasing new filter every time if the inbuilt filter is cleaned and maintained regularly


  • The body color of the vacuum cleaner may get faded if not cleaned at proper intervals

I found it to be extremely helpful to use the cleaner in blind spots which are otherwise, inaccessible to bare hands.


4. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum NV352

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional is a heavy duty cleaner with sublime suction control and is ideal for cleaning all kinds of floor. It has a numerous built in features that enables it to clean numerous surfaces including hardwood surfaces.

It is probably the most effective vacuum cleaner available on the market today. It surely does a very good job of cleaning and removing all stains, marks and messes from your floor. Furthermore, it is a versatile product that comes in handy  with  various tools for cleaning furniture, drapes  and other overhead surfaces.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum NV352

Also, this model is really light; you can even work it utilizing only a single hand. It additionally accompanies an adaptable and long hose, a whole device, and a cleaning brush. This pretty much sums up for why it has been dubbed as best vacuum for hardwood floors. It is a model that will offer the administration you need and this at only a little price. Using this device makes life easier as hard to reach areas gets cleaned easily.

The cleaner is powerful and light weight which makes it very easy and comfortable to use everywhere. It has a swivel steering with excellent maneuverability around furniture and household goods. This model is ideal for deep carpet and gentle bare floor cleaning. It uses an anti-allergen complete seal technology which traps almost 99.9% of dust inside the vacuum.


  • Very efficient , heavy duty and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Maneuvering capabilities around furniture
  • Very effective for deep carpet cleaning
  • Amazing suction pressure for better removal of dust and stains from floor
  • Easy maintenance and periodic checks
  • External cleaning tools available


  • The user should have an hands on to the equipment to understand its swivel action

I would suggest you to go for this equipment because of its affordable price.


5. Bissell Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum Cleaner Machine 1161 Save

With the highly effective canister vacuum cleaner, you have a specialized and a dedicated lightweight tool designed to clean effectively. Yes, it is quite an efficient vac for delicate surfaces with powerful and potent suction pressure. It has digital fingertip controls that let you reduce and adjust suction power for area such as sofas, beds, chandeliers, rugs and other delicate surfaces.

It has soft felt treads and rubber wheels don’t usually scratch or even leave mark son the floors.The durable brush has additional soft bristles so you can always clean with the ease and composure. The dirt tank is pretty easy to clear, the cord can be spooled back by an automatic mechanism, and the external tools makes dusting your hard floors very. It is very effective at vacuuming pet hair and comes with a suction control when you are using it on your pets.Definitely it won’t let you down when you need it.

Bissell Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum Cleaner Machine 1161 Save

It uses the technology of canister vacuums which is generally lighter and makes it  is maneuverable when used in upright position .It great for vacuuming below low tables and furniture where accessibility becomes difficult with bare hands. The compact and ergonomically design makes it easy to store and to carry on stairs when required. These canister vacuums have external fitting tools and attachments that clean almost any given surface.


  • Very compact and ergonomically made design
  • It easy to use
  • Almost cleans all types of surfaces
  • Suction control mechanism


  • No such perils to classify unless you know to use the equipment

You get bring home a family member when you invest in a Bissell, as there are no doubts that they last long.


6. Eureka Mighty Mite Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner 3670G

If your home is a combination and arrangement of bare and rough floor, tiled uneven surface, linoleum, and hardwood flooring then this is the vacuum cleaner just you need. This elaborate unit comes in handy when picking mites, dust, and cobwebs that could have piled up on your floor when you are out in vacation with your family.

This product is the best option for residential purposes since it is extremely light (weighs only 11.8 pounds). It comes along with a long extension cord to access hard to reach areas. This cord also helps and enables the cleaner to reach and dust the ceiling with ease and comfort.

If you are looking for tile, we recommend you check it this article of best vacuum for tile floors.

Eureka Mighty Mite Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner 3670G

In this case, you don’t need a separate cleaner for cleaning your freshly painted walls and ceiling and another one for cleaning and vacuuming the floor. The Mite canister vacuum is armed with powerful roller brush to deep clean carpets and the external tools are used for cleaning stairs and upholstery. The canister vacuum can easily pick up dust and pet hair. The cleaning of car from inside becomes very convenient as the vacuum sucks small particles and dust from under the car seat and from the sides also.

The unit also has a blower function technology that allows you to blow away leaves from other adjacent garden areas. It comes with various other suitable attachments that make it clean every nook and corner of your home.


  • Hard plastic body with solid wheels
  • Long length cord for easy maneuvering
  • Thick hose which does not kink easily


  • It is not of industrial use so its suction blower has its limitations when doing heavy duty work

There is many models of best bagged vacuums, it’s one of them, hence, you have to buy additional storage bags but owing to its reasonable price, it is worth every penny you spent.


7. Dirt Devil Power Air Corded Bag less Stick Vacuum for Hard Floors SD20505

This model of vacuum cleaner is an ideal vac for quick pickups from hard floors. It could be stored effortlessly in small spaces due to its compressed design. The ten Amperes output motor suggests dominant suction for bare floors. It is the light in weight that makes lugging from one room to another a breeze.

It has been specially designedto make cleaning under furniture an easy-peasy chore. There are special detachable tools to access parts of your house where it becomes next to impossible to clean and dust with your bare hands.

Dirt Devil Power Air Corded Bag less Stick Vacuum for Hard Floors SD20505

It uses the cyclonic filtration process which makes the suction very powerful. There is a dirt cap that houses the dirt and can be emptied by the touch of a bottom. There is a 20 foot extension cord to vacuum the room without taking the hassle to move to multiple power outlets. As the vacuum machine consumes a very less power for its operation it does not create a hole in your pocket when paying your electricity bills.


  • Compact in design
  • Can be stored easily as it requires a very little storage space
  • Easily moveable from one room to another
  • Lightweight and can be carried on stairs with minimum effort
  • Cyclonic filtration process in use which causes a constant suction pressure


  • If you are a pet parent you may not find this product very helpful

I would say that this stick vac by that Dirt Devil can provide solutions to customers by adding value to the product. In range of 200$, there’s some unit you can choose, here’s some models of best vacuum under $200 for your reference beside this vac.


8. Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner

I was always on the look for the best vacuum for hardwood floors and I found this vacuum much to my delight. I have to say that I am extremely happy after using this product. What I really like about the product is it sturdy design and noiseless operation. I can pretty much use this even when everybody is enjoying their afternoon siesta.

This fabulous device comes with all the required tools that will make the cleaning process a lot easier. I have to say that this device has helped me save a lot of time in cleaning my house. The best feature I like on this device is that it notifies me when the dust bag needs to be changed.

Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The height of the hose handle can be adjusted by pressing a button. This device has a Floor and Rug tool that you can use to clean hardwood floor and low carpeting. The glide is made of metal and so it is perfect for vacuuming carpets on a daily basis.


  • The device dominate when it comes to the maneuverability, this can be carried around everywhere.
  • The cleaning brushes have wider heads than most other models
  • The device comes with a host of tools that help in cleaning floors and carpets
  • The vacuum features 6 speeds that allow cleaning of the floors, rugs, and drapes
  • The company offers a valid warranty on the product.


  • The dust bag seems a bit smaller than what is advertised
  • The vacuum is not very lightweight
  • The controls tend to malfunction at times

The pros outweigh the cons by a large margin and there is no doubt that this vacuum will make a wonderful addition to anybody’s home.


9. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

I recently bought this cordless vacuum cleaner and I must say that it is has completely transformed the way I clean my house now. Since this is cordless I get use enjoy a huge degree of freedom in moving around and cleaning.

The vacuum is made using state of the art technology and has major improvements over the other models. I can literally feel that it is pulling out all the dirt and dust from deep within the floors and carpet. The gadget also notifies me when its battery is about to run out of juice.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes I need to move around the house and clean for long hours and this device is my best friend as the rip on the handle is super comfortable so I feel no discomfort while I use it extensively. The bristles on the cleaning head allow quicker and better cleaning. The cleaning patch is quite wide so I get to cover more area. The overall finishing of the gadget is quite good and I am pretty sure that my unit will hold for a long time to come.


  • The company gives its customers a warranty that is valid for 24 months
  • This can clean floors and carpets without any problems
  • This features a motorized brushroll
  • The cleaning bristles can reach into areas that are otherwise difficult to access
  • The reclining handles facilitates smooth movements
  • Extracts dirt and dust through a strong suction
  • Runs on Lithium batteries
  • Overall construction is very strong


  • The vacuum is not as noiseless as advertised
  • The controls tend to freeze and the machine needs to restarted
  • The dust bag is not spacious

Just like every other product this too is not perfect but when you take into consideration that the pros are more than cons. You should not hesitate in buying the product.


10. Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Ever since I bought this for the house I am totally overjoyed with its performance. Now I can clean my house in half the time. Since this is cordless I enjoy tremendous amount of freedom in moving around. When charged fully I can use it for about 40 minutes without a break.

This cordless vacuum converts to handheld and this feature is extremely helpful for quick cleaning, I bought this gadget simply because of this. I can now clean hard to reach places too.

This item become popular in every house because of benefit, convenience and effect. Talk about the best best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors, we can’t ignore this one.

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The gadget comes with a slide switch to select a suitable power mode. Sometimes I use the high suction mode for intense cleaning and I am super happy with the results. I am also very pleased with the construction of the vacuum as it’s got a very strong feel to it.

I would personally give the gadget five stars simply because it comes with a reliable docking station. This station is used to store attachments and also charge the machine. There is no doubt that this machine has major improvements incorporated in it.


  • The vacuum runs on a powerful V8 motor and can pick up dust and dirt properly
  • The HEPA filtration is very effective in capturing allergens and gives out clean air
  • The nylon bristles are ideal for dealing with thick carpets
  • The overall construction is very sturdy
  • 40 minutes of nonstop functioning
  • Features trigger- release mechanism so you do not use much power
  • Cordless device so users can enjoy complete freedom


  • The vacuum is not totally noiseless
  • Not very lightweight
  • Takes 4 hours for initial charge which is bit more

This product has its set of strengths and minor weaknesses but they should not discourage you from buying it. This is certainly worth buying.


Indeed, when we talk about the best vacuum for hardwood floors, names like Bissell, Shark and Eureka light up our memory. What we need to make sure is to understand how important it is to keep our homes clean. It is the health of our loved ones that keeps us going and we would do anything to keep them hale and hearty. Investing in a quality vacuum cleaner is only a means to achieve that. So, go ahead and find theright one for you today!

There are some more cordless vacuum for your reference, find out here.

Best vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet?

Your floors in your home can be hardwood floors in this area and carpet in another area. You’re coming up with question “where can I use one vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors and carpet floors?” or “why I can’t use the same cleaner to clean the hardwood floor as well as carpet floors?”. For these points, I will cover and help you understand the problem and help you make a decision.

It is definitely that floors, which covered with carpet, and floors, which covered with hardwood, these materials, are completely different. The techniques in vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor is try to catch surface-level particles and rolling and recurring balls of fluff. The techniques in vacuum cleaner for carpet floor is try to extract debris from the tiny fibers of cotton or synthetic material. These methods are very different.

Mixer bars and rollers are necessities in pursuing a compelling battle on cover trash. Joined with focused, almost water/air proof super-controlled pull, permit a vacuum to separate and suck up the minuscule particles caught in the profundities of the floor.

There are some vacuum cleaners allow us to change the setting like increasing the suction power and speed of rollers, that will help to adapt for cleaning on different surfaces. Example, increase the suction on carpeted surfaces and reduced power when we come back to hardwood floors. For this kind of vacuum, you are definitely can use the same vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor and carpet.

Some vacuum cleaners make from complex beaters bars and bristles can harm the hardwood floors easily and damage the material.

The occasionally mind-boggling mixers bars and fibers found on a customary upstanding vacuum can turn into a genuine inconvenience in a hardwood vacuuming application. Their fast turns joined with their rough materials can cause genuine scratches on fragile hard surfaces and simultaneously, will in general mess up the suck circumstance by spreading garbage as opposed to freshly catching it.

Which vacuum cleaner is best for hardwood floors?

Is it OK to vacuum hardwood floors?

In the event that you’ve pondered utilizing a vacuum cleaner on hardwood however faltered in light of the fact that you didn’t know whether it might harm them, you made the best decision.Vacuum cleaners can harm your hardwood floors, yet just in case you’re utilizing ‘some unacceptable’ kind. In all honesty, there are some that clean completed wood flooring in a way that is better than rug, and some that are useful for both.First how about we sort out if your present vacuum will scratch your floor, and on the off chance that it will I’ll tell you the best way to pick one that is sheltered to utilize.You can’t simply utilize your amazing upstanding on hardwood. It might have solid pull, however it’s intended to pound your floor coverings and work up the earth and garbage that has settled at the base of the rug strands. This tumult is generally done by a mixer brush, which typically has hardened nylon bristles. In the event that you can’t envision taking a hardened shuddered brush to your floor, you likely would prefer not to utilize that standard upstanding on them, either. The unpleasant fibers and forceful disturbance of the mixer brush can scrape and scratch your floors, thus can the wheels of the upstanding. So if an upstanding is not feasible, what kind would you be able to utilize?You have a couple of alternatives. More modest, lighter canister vacs are one. They aren’t as hefty and don’t have a turning blender bar. They’re still sort of off-kilter to utilize each day, which is most likely what you’re hoping to would if like to supplant your brush and dustpan.Another alternative is a light stick vac, preferably one that is intended to be utilized on hardwood and rugs, except if you don’t have floor coverings. These don’t have firm brushes on the head (or they have one connection for uncovered flooring and another for rugs) so they won’t scrape and scratch your floor. Huge numbers of these are cordless, which means they’re fast and simple to pull out for brisk clean ups, for example, after dinners or a glittery expressions and-artworks meeting.Day by day vacuuming of your hardwood floors will keep them cleaner than day by day clearing. This is on the grounds that brushes simply push earth around, letting it subside into alcoves and corners, while vacuuming sucks it up. Vacuums, particularly those with a decent fumes air channel, eliminate more residue from the air as a rule since it’s totally contained inside the canister and channel.On the off chance that you need to ensure your floors are excessively spotless, follow up once every week (or more, if necessary) with a sodden mop. This includes a little dampness back into your floors and causes them remain overall quite glossy. Obviously, you’ll have to ensure you’re utilizing a respectable moist mop with a cleaning arrangement that is intended for completed wood flooring, however you can stress over that after you’ve selected the ideal vacuum cleaner for hardwood flooring.

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