Top 10 Best Shark Vacuum Cleaners

​No matter how much you’ve spent on your dream home, you aren’t going to enjoy your living if it’s full of dirt and dust. It’s everybody’s desire to live without any mess around but who loves wasting their whole day in cleaning chores? This is where technology comes forth and saves our souls. Since the vacuum cleaners came into the market, home cleaning remained no more an annoyance especially with the day-to-day improved features.

When it comes to hassle-free home cleaning, Shark vacuum company stands in the first row with its state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners for any surface type from domestic to commercial use. Equipped with the latest technologies, sleek designs, pocket-friendly prices, durability, and ease of use, the vacuum cleaners manufactured by this renowned company are the best among its rivals.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Shark has become a forerunner in leading-edge cleaning solution providers. Their home appliances especially the vacuuming product line has revolutionized the lives of people throughout the world. Their well-crafted vacuuming options have impacted a huge number of their customers and innovation in their decoration never ends.

Vacuum Cleaner for floors

In the vacuuming industry, there are countless products and choosing the right one for your home needs is like finding a diamond from a coal mine. Lots of people buy a vacuum and after a few days, they start regretting their purchase. Nobody wants ruining their hard-earned money on buying useless products or the ones not fit for their home needs. 

Our Recommendations:

After a careful study and going through a wide range customers’ experience from all over the world, we shortlisted these 10 best Shark vacuums you could rely on. A copious number of users are enjoying their daily cleaning grinds since thy have bought these chosen products. Here are these: 

1. Shark Rocket HV302 Lightweight Bagless All Floors Corded Vacuum with Swivel Steering & Car Detail Kit

It’s time to upgrade your outdated vacuum with the one you can trust for all your floor types including your automobile without breaking the bank. Don’t look further and buy this groundbreaking HV302 Shark model with plenty of useful features and attachments.

The vacuum is not only made of high-quality material but also very easy to assemble and dismantle for easy conversion from upright to handheld for quick and thorough cleaning of carpet and hard floors, upholsteries, window panes, ceilings, car details, and underneath furniture or kitchen cabinets. The 25ft cord length helps you to reach every corner without unplugging.

With almost 8lbs weight, it’s easy on your elbow. Armed with 500w 4.2Amp motor and advanced rocket technology, this vac does in-depth cleaning without losing suction strength. The ON/OFF button for beater bar is right under your thumb for easy switching from carpet to bare floor setting.

 Micro technology in Detail Kit and 8.5 inches cleaning head hunt down even tiniest muck where other vacuums fail. With the help of swivel steering you can easily slide and pivot your cleaner around and below the furniture without bending down or getting on your knees.

The dust cup is transparent so you could inspect if it needs to be emptied and it’s hassle-free to dispose of the dirt filled in the dust cup, just press the side button and all the dirt goes directly into the trash. After completion of the task you have two storage options, either station the hand vac part to the wand bottom or place on the convenient wall mount.


  • Swivel steering
  • Lightweight
  • Multi featuring
  • Powerful motor and good suction
  •  Brush roll on/off button
  • Sufficient cord length
  • Affordable price and durable make


  • Dust cup has less capacity
  • Narrow cleaning path works for narrow places but needs extra rounds on the open space

2. Shark Navigator NV360 Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum with HEPA filter & Swivel Steering

If you’re looking for a really good vacuum for an affordable price, this Shark Navigator N360 is the best in my opinion. What makes this vac a good buy is the mechanism of this home cleaning tool like the brush, suction, motor, and the cleaning power which is extremely good.

If you have lots of dirt in your house, no need to worry about a bag because it has a 12 dry qt dust cup which can accommodate substantial amount of dirt. The swivel steering makes vacuuming as easy as walking in the park and you can swing around without toiling. 

Once you’re finished with the floor, simply hit the button and lift the caddy away to clean hard to get areas, stairs, and other obstinate places. The canister weighs less than 8lbs means hoisting it, is a no-brainer and the overall weight of the unit is only 12.5lbs, not that massive one. The full package includes an upholstery tool with a roller, 5.5inch crevice tool and a far-reaching thin wand to clean the entire house from floors to under couches to atop without slogging.

The suction power is really impressive and picks up every piece of yuck from any surface type. The suction could be adjusted when you move around from high to low pile carpets or shut-off the rollers for bare floor. Another great thing about the cleaner is its Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology. Industrial-graded HEPA filter ensures no dust leakage and you can enjoy allergen-free environment.


  • Huge easy to remove dust cup
  • Easy maneuverability with swivel steering
  • HEPA filtration
  • Very useful attachments
  • Adjustable suction and on/off brushroll means perfect for all floor types
  • Compact design and easy storage
  • Noiseless operation


  • Power cord is not long enough to cover the entire house without unplugging

3. Shark IQ Self-Empty Base Home Mapping All-Floors Robot Vacuum

If you wish to improve your life quality without putting yourself into donkey’s work, you actually need this little cleaning master. For an average 1000 sq. Ft space, this robot memorizes the whole map in 3 rounds. The Shark IQ robot requires just about half an hour to complete a cleaning round of a medium-sized house picking up everything coming on its way.

Vacuuming with this cleaning robot is a cinch. Just unpack the box and it’ll take a few moments for setting up. Signing up with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant is very simple and Shark app is a snap to set cleaning schedule. If it smites with some fluffy carpet or other obstacle, the app notifies you about the possible cause along with instructions how to alleviate it and resume cleaning. 

The suction is way better than other vacuums in its family and it can easily roam around furniture, different floor options from bare floor to area rugs and carpets. With its self-cleaning duplex brushes and 3 suction strengths, it deep-cleans the nooks and crannies capturing every bit of residue in its cylindrical mesh filter while unwrapping the tangled hair.

You’ve three options to vacuum with this robot. Either, set a schedule, control it with your smart phone app or it’ll work on your vocal command. It can hold the debris for about a month and auto-emptying base lets you do some other home stuff. Another convenience you have with this robot that when the battery evicts, it heads towards its charging base for auto-recharge and will resume cleaning where it was left.


  • Ease of use
  • Powerful and efficient suction with 3 selections
  • Self-charging and resumes cleaning
  • Effective cleaning with duel-edge brushes
  • Highly efficient filter
  • Best for all floor types


  • Pretty noisy
  • Sometimes gets confused while heading back to its dock

4. Shark WV201 WANDVAC Lightweight Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Don’t look further if you want to soup up your day-to-day cleaning chores where traditional vacuums aren’t that handy. If you’re expecting from this little genius to suck up bricks, your got overwhelmed by your expectations, however, for small errands the suction is quite remarkable. It literally vacuums up pet hair and yuck on hard surfaces, shredded grubs on and under tables, and muck anywhere from stairs, upholstery, behind couches, countertops, car seats, and all other remote places.

This delicate chic piece weighing just 1.4lbs could easily be lifted by an infant but the hi-speed brushless motor pulls up substantial amount of dirt. The container can hold up to 0.08 qt dirt that’s not that great but quite satisfactory for a handheld type. In the description, perhaps they forgot mentioning HEPA filter which sits below the metal screen that’s another great feature.

It takes about 2.5hrs for the battery to fully charge on the Ion dock that also onboards attachment tools. Battery lasts about 10-15 minutes, though not enough but sufficient for minor tasks what it’s made for. Dirt is super easy to dump by slightly putting your thumb on the button. With 3.6in cleaning path and pointed nozzle, it can easily find large to tiny dirt particles even from unreachable spaces.


  • Light as a feather
  • Easy storage, charging dock accommodates everything
  • Best for small daily grinds
  • HEPA filter
  • Easy to empty dust cup
  • Sleek design


  • Battery time not great
  • Pricy in dust busters’ family

5. Shark APEX AZ1002 Espresso Upright DuoClean All-Floor Vacuum with Powered Lift Away & Zero M Technologies

Shark is one of the best brands people love buying because their vacuums never lose the suction especially this one. This best featuring Shark APEX Upright vacuum has excellent competency to pick every single piece of small to large debris off the floors. If you or any of your family member is dust allergic, this would become your best protector. Harnessed with the proven Complete Seal Technology along with HEPA filter, it ensures allergen-free environment where no dust could make a getaway.

Why keep buying different vacuum cleaners for various floor types? Take the advantage of its DuoClean gimmick and run it over any surface from bare floors to area rugs and low and high pile carpets. Its dual brushroller cuts through the deep-hidden dirt and irritating pet hair and suck them up. When you’re on the bare floor, just switch the brushroll off with a flick of a button and keep going without scratching the surface.

After finishing your floor cleaning process, take a break, use powered lift-away techniques, detach the handheld part with a slight push of button and start hunting grunge up, below and behind the furniture, on stairs, walls, and upholsteries. The dust container is super easy to deflate which can hold up to 1.5qt dirt.

Zero-M is another great technique used in this hi-tech machine that enables it to self-unwrap the rumpled hair without stopping is operation saving you lots of time and grind. Moreover, you can cover more area in fewer rounds due to its 11in wide cleaning path.


  • Self-cleaning with Zo-M technology
  • ON/OFF Brushroll for multi-flooring
  • Incredible suction
  • Lift-away makes it a handheld within a fraction of second
  • HEPA filtration and sealed technology
  • Reliable and solid make


  • No swivel steering and needs elbow juice especially for moving backwards
  • Heavier than other similar products

6. Shark LV801 Cordless Lithium-Ion Handheld Pet Perfect Vacuum

This 15-inch dwarfish cleaner grosses big scores in daily cleaning toils. Buy this powerful cordless vac and you’d never regret it for sure. Keep recharging its lithium-ion battery and keep cleaning without exchanging with the newer one because these batteries won’t become unserviceable for years.

Battery life which lasts roughly for half an hour is far better than other cordless handhelds and sufficient for daily routines unless you need a full-house cleaning. The twisted suction technology delivers suction power well enough and consistent unless the entire charge of the battery drains out and the cleaner shuts off.

The box accompanies a removeable pet hair roller attachment that’s nice for lifting up loose hair and debris. To get in cervices in your kitchen, upholsteries, bathroom, and other tough to find places it has no trouble to pick the dirt when perfectly angled crevice tool is attached on its nose.

The Shark LV801 vacuum has a petty size and weight (only 2.48lbs) that makes it a cakewalk to move around and clean anyplace. The dirt bowl can accommodate 0.43 qt debris and unlading is a no-brainer. It won’t annoy your pets or kids during vacuuming as it doesn’t produce noise.


  • Suction is good enough and remains same
  • Portable and light in weight
  • Battery time is good for the type
  • Useful and handy attachments
  • Made with sturdy material
  • Quite operations


  • There’s no way to clean it from inside due to internal ridges

7. Shark ION P50 - IC162 DuoClean Cordless Upright Vacuum, Long-Lasting Battery with HEPA Filter & Powered Lift-Away Handheld Option

This Shark ION DuoClean model is one step ahead in many aspects from its parallels due to the versatility of usage. Instead of permanently connecting to the canister portion in traditional vacuums, you’ve different available options to conveniently clean any surface from the different floors to overhead.

It collects all the mess from your floor working as a typical vacuum with incredible suction. To vacuum behind and below the furniture, couches, and other distant spots, just shove off the handle, connect attachment while leaving canister, battery, and brushroller wherever they were and keep going with a stick vacuum. With the powered lift-away technology, detach the canister from its base and handily clean stairs, upholsteries, countertops, car seats, and other crevices with the handheld mode.

The vacuum operation continues for 50 minutes once the battery is fully charged and a light on its top indicates how much charge is left in it. For charging, you’ve both options, whether let it fixed in the vac and plug-in charger or remove it from the vac and charge it separately. Unlike some other models with the fixed batteries where you’ve no choice but to put the vac on charging mount if the battery runs-off, this model has no such issues. If you’ve a spare battery, remove the one and let it charge while continue vacuuming with the other one.

DuoClean technology is great for both carpet and bare floors with two brush rolls. Just push the button when you move from carpet to bare floor and the fluffy roller will start spinning to slacken and pick imbedded scum, however, the carpet roller also continues spinning. Its sealed technology and HEPA filters keep the dust from fleeing thus warranting eco-friendly atmosphere. Storage is a breeze as you don’t need to lean it against the wall as it stands firmly on its own. Dust canister capacity is equal to two dust cups (.54 qt) which’s great and dumping the dirt is a joy with no fuss all around. Headlight option is an incredible addition that illuminates underneath sofas and other dark corners.


  • Extended battery runtime and separately charging option
  • Multi-surface cleaning with dual brushroll
  • Headlights
  • Versatility with 3-mode options
  • Strong suction
  • Adequate dust cup capacity
  • Complete sealed technology and HEPA filtration
  • Delicate design and highly portable
  • Easy storage with self-standing


  • Not great for wood floor because the carpet roller won’t turn off and can put grazes
  • On carpets, pulling the vacuum back takes some elbow grease (less maneuverable)

8. Shark Navigator ZU62 Pet Pro Upright Vacuum with Zero-M Self-Cleaning Technology

Everyone loves pets but their fur? Ugh!!! This is really sickening. If you’ve pets too, you’d be feeling the same way but with this Shark Pet Pro Navigator, no more pet hair annoyance. With its forceful suction the brush nabs all dogs and cats pelt. The innovative Zero-M technology introduced in this model would let you keep vacuuming by self-cleaning tangled hair.

No need to dump down the collected dirt every now and then as the extra-large 2.8 qt dust cup can hold an incredible amount of scum. The container is transparent so you can keep an eye when it’s teeming. Its sealed technology and HEPA filter prevent the captured dust from getting back into the air.

This upright vacuum also woks great on walls and other aboveground places when used with a fully-extended hose and 12ft long wand means you can take a full round of your room up to the roof level without much physical effort and the suction strength won’t die down. The dynamic swivel makes it a breeze to steer around. The suction control button is located at the handle top, super easy to control from max to low.

Power cord is 25” long that means you can complete your cleaning task by unplugging it just for one or two times. This can lay flat on ground if you need to vacuum under the furniture without bending your back but due to big canister won’t go under low-profile furniture. A crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and a dusting brush included in the package.


  • Self-cleaning with Zero-M technology
  • Power cord good length
  • Maneuverable with swivel steering
  • Sealed technology and HEPA filter
  • Ease of use with extended wand
  • Incredibly powerful and sustainable suction with two selections
  • Extra-large see-through dirt container


  • No handheld option
  • Limited range under the low-profile furniture

9. Shark Rocket Cordless Pet Pro Stick Hand Vacuum with Zero-M Self-Cleaning Technology

The Shark Rocket is one of the slightest stick vacuums with only 7.5lbs total weight equipped with impressive self-cleaning brush roll that can handle even a wig without stopping for a moment or losing its suction. With approx. 11inch cleaning path, it grabs almost all type of grunge.

Why purchasing separate vacuums for your bare floor and carpets and area rugs when you can pick all the debris with this unique design. Harnessed with Dirt Engage technology, the cleaning power of this delicate machine is unmatchable that not only catches the loose dirt but also effectively avulses the toughest grime with not a single hair stuck on it.

HEPA filter inside anti-allergen seal provides better air quality with no flying dirt. Once the battery is completely charged, it could last up to 40 minutes and this is enough time for a small to medium house cleaning. You can purchase an extra battery if you’ve large space to vacuum because you don’t have to defer your work due to battery drainage as you can put the other one to continue with the cleaning while the first one is on charging dock separately.

To divulge the hidden mess, LED light right on the nozzle works terrific. The dust cup is translucent, so you could see when it’s jam-packed and needs to be emptied. You can expediently disengage the canister from its base with a touch of button for easy conversion to handheld vacuum for above floor cleaning.


  • Delicate and powerful
  • Self-cleaning brush roll
  • Effective for both bare and carpet floors
  • Detachable battery with excellent runtime
  • Wide cleaning path
  • Easy conversion from stick to handheld mode


  • Removing the dust bin is a bit complex and difficult to keep the filter assembly affixed
  • Not compatible with Li-ion battery

10. Shark IQ R101 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum with Home Mapping, No Auto-Empty dock

Shark IQ R101 eats up a large amount of dirt, pet hair, and other gunk from hard floors and carpets and the suction is much better than its contestants available in the market. Shark is now adding self-cleaning feature with its almost every product and this model has no exception. It won’t stuck with the pelt and fur and lingers with cleaning while auto-unwrapping the tangled hair.

Install the app on your phone and remotely control its operation wherever you’re. This amazingly smart guy initially takes about one and half hours for cleaning entire house after mapping but this time reduces as long as it gets well aware of every detail of your home. Once this chic piece understands your home mapping, you can schedule your work and let it know through Shark home app or create an account on Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and control it with your voice.

It creates loud noise but with this incredible suction, you should expect a bit of irksome rumpus! Afterall, it’s leaving your home scum-free which won’t make it a bad purchase. It can cleverly evade the obstacles coming on it way.

The dust bin isn’t self-emptying but not an issue to dump down the collected debris and the size of container is enough to keep sufficient amount of dirt and if you vacuum on daily basis, evict the bin every third day. Battery life of this robot runs longer than its equivalents.


  • Longer battery time
  • Suction is superb
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with voice control
  • Sleek design
  • Self-cleaning brush roll
  • Multi-surface cleaning
  • Large capacity dust cup and easy to empty


  • Noisy operation
  • Gets mad sometimes and can’t figure out what to do

Final Thoughts

If you’re a Shark lover, why altering your affection into aversion if you couldn’t select the best option for your specific needs? You know well what your actual requirements are to keep clean your home and you have been showed with all the positive and negative aspects of above top selections. Above detail is talk of the town, not only the information provided by the manufacturers. Residents from all over the world used these products, came up with their satisfaction level and concerns and we recommended what they recommended. Choose the best vacuum and enjoy the pleasure of dirt-free eco-friendly atmosphere in your home with your kids and pets.