Best Products To Clean Hardwood Floors.

Do you have hardwood floors? Are you worried about cleaning them?Then look no further, as we have all the possible solutions for you. We have gathered a few of the best products to clean hardwood floors in this post.

We wanted you to know all about them. Hardwood floors are elegant and we all want to keep them that way. So, why not put in all possible efforts to maintain their sophistication?We have assorted a few tools, methods and cleaners (both chemical and organic) that will help you reach your goals.

If this interests you, then do read the rest of this post with care.

What To Use As Products To Clean Hardwood Floors?

This should be your first question when talking about cleaning hardwood floors. In simple words, hardwood floor cleaner is a cleaning item planned explicitly to clean hardwood flooring. General cleaners can leave your ground surface dull, scratched, elusive, and can even strip the floor off its color. To guarantee your floor is perfect, you need a cleaner that is exclusively made for a wooden surface.

Hardwood floor cleaners can enable you to sparkle, clean, and even reinstate your hardwood flooring of its lost luster. Regardless of whether you are attempting to clean a spill, need to break up scrape marks, or simply need to proactively keep up your hardwood flooring, the correct cleaner can deal with everything for you.

Traditional Way Of Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Let us start with something simple and fundamental. We will soon walk into the more advanced phase of cleaning. Wooden floors ought to be cleaned legitimately as they exude sophistication. If someone wants to do it the conventional way, then they can pursue it this way.

  • Start by clearing the floor, similar to evacuate movable furnishings (you may even utilize padding under your furnishings)
  • Next thing is remove all the debris, so sweeping your floor before vacuuming or mopping would be the ideal thing to do
  • Use a moist mop, not wet
  • If you need you can add a disinfectant to the water before plunging your mop
  • Run it to and forward or according to your preference
  • In case, you have added dishwashing cleaning agent or soap to this water, you can buff the floor with delicate cotton or terry material after you are done mopping
  • In case, you want to vacuum the area, then you can run a vacuum cleaner at the mode as prescribed by the manufacturer
  • Please, spot clean your floors whenever required or there is a spill

Strategies may differ, however the only thing that is important is the way deal with your hardwood floors. Go ahead and do what suits you the best!

Clean Hardwood Floors With Mops

Cleaning can be done by different means. It depends on the frequency you clean, your budget and even the surface. The fact that you can clean a wooden floor with a simple mop is a no brainer. Yes, you can use a mop, but you have to be careful that you do not leave puddles while doing so.

We have scoured the cleaning magazines, internet and houses (don’t worry of friends and relatives) to find these mops. Of course, we also use a few and have utilized a lot for this post. Below is an account of our experiment. Read it with care.

  • Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

This mop accompanies a battery-powered cleaning tank. The thick cleaning pad can be washed in a machine and can last for 100 washes. The Rubbermaid mop handle is strong and has an ideal posture that will not break your back.

It is an easy to use mop that can deal with intense dirt in tight spots. The trigger component is somewhat stiffer than a significant number of the other level mops. The tank is hard to open, which keeps water and cleaner secured with no spillage. You can give this mop a thought, as it is considered to be perfect for hardwood floors.

  • Swiffer WetJet Hardwood Floor Spray Mop

There’s a reason Swiffer has emerged asacrucial cleaning system in the course of recent years. It does what it guarantees and enables you to dispose of the outcome in the garbage effortlessly. The refillable supply arrangement is deemed as an ideal cleaner for your hardwood surface.

This battery-worked shower pressurizing framework works with a handle trigger to discharge the splash. Moves head forward and backward to clean or dry the spot. The pads are of the press-on type, and you’ll have to attach them manually during use. You can replacements very easily at any departmental store.

  • Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop

The plan of the Mopnado spin mop can access hard to reach areas because of its engineering. The mop head is round and level, which implies it, can slide under seats or entryways where different mops would not have the capacity to reach. Furthermore, the handle can move truly any way, it can clean totally under specific things. The Mopnado spin mop is ideal for kitchens or any other spot that requires underneath cleaning.

In spite of the fact that the Mopnadospin mop is truly adept at cleaning beneath difficult zones. The pail has its very own agitator and is extremely simple to utilize. Consolidate this with the way that it is fundamentally the same as a conventional mop where water and arrangement go in a pail and must be wrung out, and it will make cleaning a bigger region very easy. This is why it makes to this list of the best products to clean hardwood floors.

Clean Hardwood Floors With Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum can suck all kinds of dirt from every nook and corner of your floors.This is why it is a trusted mode of cleaning a house by many. Regardless, using the vacuum on a hardwood floor requires certain prudent steps to be taken.

What Kind Vacuum To Use?

Ideally, a canister vacuum ought to be all that you need while tackling a hardwood floor. That is a consequence of its oval, long brush, which can without a lot of a trouble get straight into the troubled areas to ingest the dust, dirt and grime lying underneath it.

Vacuums That Can Do The Trick

Here are a few names that can do the trick for you:

  • Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner

It can clean tiles, hardwood floors, and rug in a breeze. It has sonic scouring activity that practically can do everything for you. The AirGlide mobility, headlights, and swivel capacity make it simple to move. The 7-in-1 concentrated delicate cleaning arrangement can clean even stuck-on soil and grime in the splits, so your floors are as spotless as reasonably expected. Here are some reviews of vacuum for tile floors which help you a lot in case you’re thinking about it.

The set accompanies hardwood floor cleaner, cleaning and scrubbing pads, polishing pads, pre-treatment, washable pads (microfiber)that you can use again and again, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It is intended to clean and complete your hardwood flooring without any streaks or dulling buildup. If your floor is difficult to clean and you haven’t had the outcomes you’re looking for with other cleaning items, this floor cleaner may have a significant effect.

  • Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum NV352

This is a rock solid vac with superb suction control and is perfect for cleaning a wide range of floor. It empowers you to clean various surfaces including hardwood surfaces. It definitely completes a great job of cleaning and evacuating all stains, checks and wreckage heaps from your floor.

The cleaner is incredible and light weight which makes it exceptionally simple and agreeable to utilize all over the place. It also goes with a versatile and long chord and cleaning brush. It has a swivel directing with superb mobility around furniture and family unit merchandise. It utilizes allergen free innovation that traps practically 99.9% of residue inside the vacuum.It is a model that will offer the organization you need and this at just a little cost.

  • Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The unconventional shape of this Bissell PowerEdge stick vacuum is intended to permit the vacuum head to fit into tight corners and around seat legs. The V-shape head pipes garbage to the vacuum. This unique head can adjust its edges and absorb maximum dirt.

In addition, the squeegees (of rubber) on the floor head pull in fine dust particles and fragments. It does not have any brushes to clean and no stresses to be had over scratched floors.

It was built to clean hard floor and along these lines, no extra suction settings have been fused. The little, smaller body style makes it agreeable to work. Its basic yet sufficient usefulness makes it the perfect substitution for a customary floor brush and mop.

There are some other option for vacuum cleaner, you can check it here.

Recently, cordless vacuum become popular in homeowners who installing hardwood flooring and have good feelings on using it. You can see in article review best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors.

Clean Hardwood Floors With Chemicals

Hardwood floors are an investment and they ought to be left like that. This means you must know how to maintain and hand it over to the next generation. They must be kept clean at all times because if you don’t then there is a chance of getting them scratched forever. We know you don’t want that for sure. Besides, here is a list of what of chemical cleaners that may help you clean your wooden floors.

  • Bona hardwood floor cleaner

Are you upset and worried about the dull look of your hardwood floor. Is the floor aging with time and you don’t have a proper remedy for it . You must have tried all branded and costly floor products on your floor but the results are unsatisfactory. There is a one stop solution for this problem. Why not try bona hardwood floor cleaner to retain the perfect gloss and shine on the floor.

Professional floor cleaners do agree to this fact that the best care of hard wood flooring is easily possible by using the bona solution. The product is residue free and fast drying and cleans the floor by gradually and efficiently removing dirt, grime and dust. This product also ensures that the floors natural shine and beauty is revealed. It is a water based solution with GREENGUARD GOLD certification. This ensures that the product is safe for your surroundings including your family and pets and your planet.


  • Very fast drying time with almost no residue
  • Ready to use solution. Just spray on the section and mop
  • Safe to be used in polyurethane wooden floors
  • Babyganics Floor Cleaner Concentrate, Fragrance Free

Do you have a new born baby at your home? Or there is some toddler who thinks that the floor is a crawling highway and wants to explorer all . You are worried about the fact that your hardwood floor is not cleaned enough to allow your baby to play with peace of mind. And more importantly this is definitely no place for dirt and dust or harmful chemicals which leaves harmful toxins behind. Keep your worries aside and use Babyganics floor cleaner concentrate for best results.

The product uses gentle plant based ingredient and free from any toxins or harsh chemicals. It is very safe to be used around your toddler and very powerful to wipe out any mess or muddle. The solution can be used for almost all type of floorings like: Corklaminatevinyl, porcelain and hardwood. The product is concentrated. One full bottle can make seven to eight gallons of solution. And last but not the least,as this is a baby friendly item it is dermatologist and pediatrician tested.


  • Free of paraben, ammonia ,sulphates, bleach and artificial fragrance
  • Eco friendly and no skin or eye irritation for your toddler and kids
  • Very easy to use
  • Zep Hardwood and Laminate Hardwood Floor Cleaner

If you want something commercial and heavy duty floor polish then Zep hard wood floor cleaner is the brand which you can trust. This multi grade cleaner helps to retain the gloss and classy look of your hard wood floor no matter how dull it looks initially. The solution is designed in such a way that with a perfect blend it easily removes stains, scuffs and spot marks from the your hardwood right away.

The cleaner cleans and restores the shine on furniture’s and wooden structures which are varnished. It is also a great help for polyurethane finish or acrylic finish wooden floor as well as laminated floors. Cabinets and chests looks as new as ever when this solution is applied for cleaning. This floor cleaner works the best when applied in spray form and with cleaned with a soft mop. So, do not hesitate to try it and give your house (or even office) a bright and shiny look.


  • Removes hardest and darkest stains and sports
  • Retains shine without any form of residue
  • Extremely easy to use. Just spray and mop
  • Leaves a floral fresh scent all around the floor
  • Pledge Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner, Lemon

Yes you have a thanksgiving get together at your place. Your close friends and family is invited. But you are worried, upset and embarrassed about the fact that though you have kept your house spic and span your floor is causing the concern. You have tried everything under the sun to retain its gloss and shine but you have failed. Not only that using different chemicals on the floor over the years,can cause damage to the floor.

If you want to give a new look to your floor, then you must have faith in this cleaner. Use this floor cleaner instead and bring out the natural beauty of your flooring. This cleaning agent can be used right of out of the box. There is no thick grim and residue left behind after using this solution. Just stand and mop and enjoy the natural shine. Additionally there is a lemon scent that keeps the atmosphere refreshing.


  • Cleans very easily and dries fast
  • Gives the floor its natural shine
  • Smells great

Clean Hardwood Floors With Natural Products

Yes, a few of us would know what our grandmothers have taught us. We thought it would be wise of us to share it with you. Indeed, but, it is your floor and who knows it better? Why not do it all naturally? Let us take a walk down the organic way.Why not? We have discovered a couple of pointers that can really for hardwood floors:

  • Hot Water, Lemon Juice, and Olive Oil

It might sound like a plate of blended salad dressing than a wood floor cleaner! Be that as it may, this mix of olive oil, hot water and lemon juice, is a way to clean your floors while lending them a rich sheen.

  • Water, Essential Oils, and Vinegar

If you like to add a nice smell to your cleaning supplies, endeavor this mix with vinegar, water, and essential oil when you’re set up to wipe. Essential oils complement delicate scent, so pick two or three drops of your favorite one to add to your response for extra cleaning.

  • Tea Bags

It’s difficult to accept, yet it’s actual – ordinary tea packs can clean your wood floors while including shimmer and sparkle. You can add 2 teabags to boiling water to clean hardwood floors. The tannic acid in tea leaves a shine to your floors.

Again you can drench 2 tea packs in the boiling water for two or three minutes. Do not strain the tea, take a soft cloth and then wring out the tea. The cloth ought to be damp, not wet. This will engage the floor to dry quickly. Wash the floor and be set up to be staggered by the sheen.

  • Crayons

This could be used for covering scratches on a wood floor. Take a pastel that matches the shade of the floor and rub it on the scratch to fill the opening. Turn a blow dryer on high, heat the region where the colored crayon pencil was used and buff it with a soft-cloth. Voila! You will have a shiny waxed floor in no time.

  • Plant-based Liquid Soap, Water, and Vinegar

This clear, yet incredible cleaner uses plant-based liquid chemical, vinegar, and water with the chance to incorporate essential oils. This might be a not too bad choice if your floor is prevalent filthy.

We have told you everything possible about the best products to clean hardwood floors. Hope, this would help you in future endeavors as well. These are the basic ways you can keep your hardwood floor without any second thoughts. Try them and let us know if you have some more tricks up your sleeves. Do share it with the community!

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