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Best Cordless Vacuum for Hardwood Floors Reviews in 2020 + Buying Guide

Hardwood floors are one of the most beautiful, weather-friendly, and sleek among other floor coverings yet these are delicate in nature and can bear severe impacts due to different reasons and need special care to keep their life extended with the same shine and luster.

Carpets, tile, vinyl, etc. floors are easy to maintain when we compare them to hardwood floors. Mopping this type of flooring is quite damaging, special brooms are required to get them cleaned yet the broom leaves a significant amount of dirt and dust which scatters all around.

If you really want your hardwood floor clean in all aspects along with better air quality, you have no choice but a quality cordless vacuum. This guide will help you preserve the beauty and skin of your precious investment in the selection of the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors.  

What is Hardwood Floor?

The first and most important thing you should be well aware of is the knowledge about hardwood floors. It is made from natural, dense woods just as oak, mahogany, maple, or hickory. This flooring type requires a huge budget in comparison with other types but this gives a royal look to your flooring and if it is finished exclusively and is cared well, it can stand for decades.

Installation of hardwood flooring needs extra care and only a pro can do this task properly. A small mistake could cause a big blow on your budget but professionals have sorted out this problem and they now cut the planks into the desired shape or sections in advance for easy-to-install floors.Hardwood floors aren’t moisture friendly and water can penetrate through the surface which can discolor or warp the surface.

Types and Construction of Hardwood Floor

Lots of hardwood floors lovers have no knowledge that there are two types of wood flooring; (i) Solid hardwood and (ii) Engineered

  • Solid wood flooring: have nothing but only wood. It’s one-piece wooden plank which is milled keeping the thickness of about ¾ inches. Professionals have a variety of wood type choices such as mahogany, walnut, rosewood, maple and blah blah. It has a vast variety of colors and textures which give aesthetic look to a house; however, this flooring type is way expensive. Solid wood could be sanded multiple times without losing its sturdiness.
  • Engineered wood flooring: this is a great alternative to solid flooring, a solution for those who cannot spend much amount on their flooring yet want a give a premium look with actual but very small amount of real wood. A thin layer of real solid wood covers cheap wood or some other material. This type of flooring comes with limited wooden choices. It is easier to install than solid wood floors.

Taking Care of Hardwood Floor While Vacuuming

If you have a hardwood floor in your home, a broom isn’t a great idea to clean the messes as it will only agitate the dust and human or pet hair causing all the atmosphere cloudy. On the other hand, mopping is out of the question as the moisture means death to hardwood floors. So, vacuuming remains the only option you have to get your house cleaned.

There are traditional vacuum cleaners in canister or upright category and these provide great suction power but these are heavy enough to damage the delicate surface of your wood floor. Another disadvantage of using a regular vacuum on such flooring is the noise these machines produce. You know better that wood produces noise more than carpeted floors as carpets absorb the sounds but the wood won’t. cordless vacuums are lighter in built and don’t produce much noise which could be annoying. So, the options are narrowed down. A stick cordless vacuum remains the last resort to serve your purpose.

Vacuuming your hardwood floor at frequent basis is necessary to prevent the surface from embedded dirt which will penetrate through the cracks and your floor will become a horrific dream for you.

If you have engineered wood flooring, it can bear some negligence but a solid wood floor needs extra care which is prone to warps and scratches more than engineered ones, so order a vacuum with soft brush tools. A stiff bristled brush will damage the surface, so avoid using it.

I discussed above that mopping isn’t good for this type of flooring, yes of course, but dry humping is also not a that good. A little moisture on the surface can give a nice gleam to your floors, so mopping once a week with using decent and recommended cleaning solutions will give a new life to your home floors.

Capturing the debris from the main area is easier than grabbing it from the corners, nooks, and other hard to reach areas. Look for a vacuum with the attachments and other features such as swivel head, headlight, etc. for thorough cleaning.

A vacuum with good suction will eat up all the dirt in one pass, but if it won’t, go for another round with smooth strokes and letting your vacuum using its own power instead of applying unnecessary force on the vacuum to catch that embedded grime.

Using the proper tool for a specific job is the key to success. Different vacuums come along with different tools and attachments for different purposes. Do not put them away and do not use a tool not specific for a surface. This method will ensure thorough cleaning without damaging the surface or tool itself. 

Our review and recommendations:

Hardwood flooring isn’t just a flooring type but a piece of art and only people who dare loving art can understand how much this intimacy costs. To save your investment and preserving the same premium look of your home, I did a fair amount of research and selected these top 5 cordless vacuums for hard floors. These vacuums will definitely give you ease of mind while dealing with floor cleaning chores.

1/ Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick 2-In-1 Hardwood Floor Vacuum Cleaner 350W

You have a house with wood flooring but really have to hustle to give the entire house a thorough cleaning on one battery charge? This Tineco Hero will not let you down as it comes with a Lithium Ion removable battery. Although 25-mins runtime is sufficient for the whole house cleaning, still this time could be enhanced by using a separate battery which is not included in the deal but could be ordered separately.

It comes with a 350W digital motor which provides amazing amount of suction up to 110W which is far ahead than an ordinary DC motor cordless vac and collects significant amount of embedded dirt. The main body of this little master weighs just 2.87lbs which is very convenient to use anywhere single-handedly from hardwood floors to stairs to ceilings and a 10-years kiddie to an 80-years oldy can easily carry it.

You can literally breathe the air filtered out of this little beauty which is enriched with 4 stages fully-sealed filtration system. The HEPA filtration is stellar and there is ZERO chance of dust kick-back. The filters completely disassemble for easy cleaning and I literally rinse every part of the bin.

The packaging and hardwood specific attachments are very professional. For hardwood floors, this Hero is seamless to grab for spills or the few corners some other heavy-duty vacs miss or can’t fit. There is a lever in the bottom of machine to remove the dust bin when it needs to be emptied. With the slight press of a button, all the accumulated dirt will get out of the bin.

The exhaust blows from the side so, during use, it’ll not blow onto your face which is a nice touch. The power on/off button has two options. Whether you push the trigger and keep it pressed with your finger to continue its operation or there’s a lock for this switch that will lock the on/off button and the machine will continuously run without numbing your finger.

On the top of vacuum, there’s a MAX button that’s used for rugs and carpets but here the vac produces lots of noise than before. The battery installed in the bottom of the handle which has a battery status indicator as well. The extension wand is pretty durable and easy to attach and detach

The machine comes with a storage case which is pretty cool. All the attachments along with the main unit could easily be stored onboard. There’s a small brush and crevice tool. The small brush is pretty good for car cleaning, and the crevice tool picks the dirt efficiently from the corners and small nooks when the cleaning head misses or can’t reach.

Small turbo brush has its own motor and soft bristles make it an effective tool if you have pets at home. It works pretty great on upholstery, sofas, cushions, and rugs.

The swivel head makes it easier to turn the machine in any direction without any struggle and you can lay the vac flat for under the furniture cleaning. Small but rubber wheels run over the surface quite easily and give safe operation on hardwood floors without scratching them.

One of the niftiest features is the 5 little LED lights on each head which light up every spec of dirt and will make you realize how much you were missing with other vacuums.


  • Incredible suction power
  • Swivel head
  • Rubberized wheels
  • Bright LED lights
  • Multi flooring options
  • HEPA filter and 4 stages fully-sealed filtration system
  • Great battery time
  • Removable battery
  • Storage case can keep all the tools along with the main unit
  • Switch lock for continuous power mode
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Very noisy especially on MAX mode
  • No height adjustment on cleaning head

2/ Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors, Iron

V7 model is top of the line model introduced by famous Dyson which comes with lots of efficient features to provide you a clean, dust-free environment while saving plenty of time you were spending on home cleaning.

This cord-free 2-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner uses 2 tier radial cyclones ensures prevention from any loss of suction which is strong enough to pull in a ton of lint and debris. This is extremely lightweight (just 5.3lbs) and convenient to use without the hassle of cord. Just grab it and start floating over the floors rather than hauling out the vacuum cleaner and having to plug it in different places because the cord doesn't reach.

The battery lasts in normal cleaning mode for about 30mins which is more than long enough to cover the entire floor. The trigger on/off lever is perfect for this application that helps in saving a lot of battery life by not running it while you move around. However, there is literally no indication when the battery is going to die. The vac will simply 'stop' when the battery is drained out. The battery doesn't last long for more than 6 mins with the super suction tuned on. Make it sure you charge the battery for at least 3 and half hours before using first time.

The unit comes along a wall mount which hangs on a wall just using two screws. No need to worry about storing when the machine is not in use. A nice-looking storage bag is a real big deal which is included in the package to hold all the attachment tools.

Another fabulous feature of this unit is emptying the dust container. The button isn’t situated below the machine just as in most vacuums where the dirt could spill over your hands. The lever is on the top and what you have to do is just pulling it and the dirt gets released without any chances of touching it. The capacity of dust cup is .5ltr.

The HEPA filtration ensures capturing dander, dust and all allergens thus providing you a clean pollen-free atmosphere. Bristles on the regular head that come with this are pretty soft and excellent for hardwood floors.

The swivel is just genius. Gets under most of the furniture and easily between and around tight spaces. What makes this vacuum so wonderful, is its extreme versatility. You can hook up all the attachments to the stick or directly onto the motorhead creating both a full and hand held vacuum. Doing the blinds, stairs, ceilings, countertop and windows is extremely easy without hassling with the long awkward arm. You could even clean your car with relative ease. The combination tool is way simple to switch between different surfaces.


  • So easy to go up and down with lightweight
  • Plenty of handy attachments and versatile
  • Powerful suction
  • Enhance battery time
  • Best for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Docked on wall
  • Attachment bag
  • Very quiet operation


  • Very expensive
  • No battery indicator

3/ Shark IF251 IONFlex 2X DuoClean Cordless Ultra-Light Stick Hardwood Floor Vacuum

This IONFLexDuoClean cordless is the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors you would have ever owned. Its 2-roller system came up with more motor sucking power to go with the DuoClean system where you can customize the surface and suction settings to switch from floor to floor. The bristle brush for carpets and an additional soft brushroll to pull in larger particles and directly engage floors to give a polished appearance. This Shark unit picks up a large amount of dirt, far more than you would have expected.

Everyone HATE sweeping their hardwood floor. It's a pain especially if it's dark wood so it shows the dirt fast and really needs at least a once a day sweep. However, with this machine, cleaning time is easily cut in half because not only can you do a quick vac pass on the wood floor, you can also do the carpets with a push of the button...all at the same time. You don't have cords to monkey with, don't have to move the heavy furniture out of the way anymore.

The Ionflex is approx. 9lbs heavy with onboard accessories but its weight reduced up to 5lbs in handheld mode making it a fun to use as a hand held cordless.The material is much sturdier than the previous Shark products. Instead of more expensive Dyson, this is more economical. Along with saving your bucks, this Shark has another advantage over Dyson is its battery charging station, so no need to hook the main component head up for charging.

The battery lasts for about 30 minutes unless you run it on high power. Then it only runs about 15 minutes. And the more loving feature is it comes with two interchangeable high capacity Lithium Ion power pack batteries and a double charging dock, so you can clean practically anywhere while your second battery charges anywhere on charging dock.

The powered turbo brush is super effective on furniture and in the car.The power brush head picks up mainly fine dust/dander/dirt and of course more pet hair. Duster crevice tool is a combo of dusting brush and crevice attachment which reaches every corner along with cleaning ceilings and upholstery.

With the flextube it is extremely maneuverable and easy to direct.The IonFLEX wand is pretty nifty as it easily bends using MultiFlex technology, and lets you get under things without doing much more than bending over slightly. The slim profile of the powered brush head lets you get under all the furniture. With a simple pressing unlock button, your vac folds down and becomes freestanding and you can park it anywhere in home without worrying about storing it safely.

It comes with excellent safety features. It auto shuts off the powered heads it if they get clogged, also shuts off the vac if the bin gets too full and blinks at you so you know what is wrong depending on the light. The main powered head even has a status light on it - green when moving - red when it's stopped. The bin capacity is not great though (only .33lts) and you’ve to empty it multiple times while vacuuming the whole house.

This Shark isn’t equipped with HEPA filtration but 2 pre and 1 post-motor filters offer equally clean air with no need of changing them as all the filters are washable. 8 LED lights will show up everything you were going to miss. The vacuum cleaner comes with 5-years warranty plus two-years on battery pack.


  • 2-roller system for hardwood floor and carpeted floor
  • More suction power with the DuoClean system
  • Versatility in use (upright & handheld) plus different surface modes
  • Combo crevice tool
  • Excellent safety features with status lights and auto shut off system
  • 2 interchangeable power pack batteries and a double charging dock
  • MultiFlex technology (flexible wand)
  • Less expensive


  • No HEPA filtration
  • Fairly small dust collection container
  • The suction path is somewhat narrow

4/ Electrolux Ergorapido EL2055B Lithium Ion 2-1 Stick Cordless Hardwood Floor Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re looking for a lightweight alternative for our full-sized vacuum Electrolux Ergorapido EL2055B is fantastic for hardwood, vinyl and tile floors! It is not designed to vacuum carpets in my opinion but the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors in its price range. It works on hardwood floors without fiddling with the electric cords and heavy vacuums. If you needed a new vacuum but didn't want anything expensive, forget those expensive vacuums and get this one!

If you hate vacuuming because of carrying the vacuum upstairs with various hoses and attachments and then proceed to knock it into the woodwork this unit is a joyful breeze. The entire unit is so light (about 7 lbs), agile, and maneuverable. It is a major convenience piece for small jobs that removes and vacuum up almost all the hair, dirt and debris with the rotating brush.

The bottom of the standup part has a turbo brush that helps picking up all sorts of grime and hair without scratching the surface and it works on the couches too! It is also quiet and doesn't scare pets or kiddies. It is surprisingly good at resisting scratches even though it bumps into cabinet corners or even the floor itself.

It comes apart easily to give you a handheld unit that's great to get into small spaces, corners and stairs where the dust bunnies are running wild. There's no bag, you just open it and pour the filtered detritus into the trash. Storage of this small toy is no hassle. It stays together and self-stores its parts. Just put it any corner of your home and that’s it. 

Of course, most of cordless vacuum cleaners don't have bag. Consider best bagged vacuum will come to picture if you care about it.

This small unit has excellent sucking power and leaves hardwood floors clean and free of pet hair. As for this model, the crevice tool works great, though the placement is a bit tricky. 180° easy steer swivel head swiftly twists and glides around the furniture. The 10.8V Lithium Ion battery life isn't amazing, but it's more than enough to do entire floor in one charge without dying.


  • Very affordable in price
  • Lightweight, agile, and maneuverable
  • Easy steer swivel
  • Takes less time in charging
  • Onboard attachments storage


  • No docking unit
  • No LED lights
  • The dust container is a tad small and complicated to empty

5/ Makita XLC02ZW 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Compact Cordless Vacuum for Hardwood Floor

Makita XLC02ZW is really a good value with respect to the price point and other cordless vacs on the market. This is not great for full rugs or carpets generally, but it is perfect for hardwood and tile, bathroom and kitchen. It provides surprisingly good section that is beyond belief for a cordless unit and the easiest way to clean hardwood floors.

This vac is as well balanced as a good sword. The weight including the battery is around 3lb, which is crazy good. It doesn’t come with a battery and is sold separately but the great thing is the battery is easily swappable with Makita's 18v offerings. The lithium battery charges so fast that it clearly out-performs other little cordless vacs. It becomes fully charged in 30 minutes instead of the 3-6 hours of many other options and the battery charging unit easily sits on a counter top. The charge lasts for an entire light vacuuming of an entire house.

Instead of hauling it out, and fighting with the cord, the Makita is not only the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors but also great for quick work of vacuuming the tile floors in bathroom, stairs, countertops, and touch up areas of carpeting. You do have to keep the power button pressed for it to run, but this saves battery life when you are doing spot cleaning.

The rubber edge on the end of floor attachment keeps dirt from kicking back out. It does come with one paper-like filter, the cloth/mesh filter is actually an advantage for this type of vacuum. Running them under the faucet removes all the dirt and dust without making a cloud. The arm is detachable and can be used as a handheld vacuum for your vehicle and furniture.

The floor attachment works so well. The unit can lay totally flat with a slight twist, and gets into the smallest spaces, under furniture, and between the chair legs.It does not have a beater brush. No brushes on floor attachment means it will not get clogged with hair/dirt and no repellent bristles that would push the mess around instead of suctioning it.

The only attachment is crevice tool which stays onboard. The extension wand has a clip that holds the pointer attachment well and no chances of slipping or falling off at all. Just zip around the house just pointing the crevice tool at clumps of dog hair. It devours them with relish. The wheels on the bottom of the attachment are wonderful ad glide back and forth pretty nicely.


  • Very light, nice balance
  • Incredible suction in its category
  • Maneuverable
  • Easily sourced Lithium-Ion battery
  • Very quick battery charging time and good run time
  • Reasonably quiet


  • No HEPA filter
  • Only one attachment is included, so not versatile
  • Battery not included

Final Thoughts:

When you’re going to buy a cordless vacuum, keep it in mind that most of these types of vacs are specifically designed for touch ups or cleaning those areas which won’t require a horse power such as deep pile carpets, heavy rugs etc. On the other hand, dragging a traditional heavy-duty vacuum over hardwood floor is not a good idea could be devastating for such floor types. A cordless stick vacuum is considered the best vacuum for hardwood floors.

There are some other units for your reference and comparison at here.

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