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Top 5 Best Bagged Vacuum Reviews in 2020 + Buying Guide

A vacuum cleaner is an inevitable part in household items to provide you a clean healthy environment whether it’s your home or office. However, it isn’t as simple that you went to a supermarket or just ordered a vacuum cleaner online and you’ve completed your cleaning task.

So, if you luckily found a vacuum cleaner that suits your requirements, you’re good with it, but in most cases, it won’t happen. This means you’ve thrown your money in waste and after a few days, you’ll be looking for another one. You better wait a bit and look into the options, features, brands, accessories, pros, and cons of a product you’re going to buy.

What is a Bagged Vacuum?

Where goes all that dust, dead skin cells, harmful bacteria, and all the grossness when you open the bagless vacuum chamber to dispose of it? It reaches everywhere! Honestly, there is no way out, you have to put your hand in and clean the chamber or wash all that garbage in your washroom.

Do you really want to inhale all that dust you spread in the air, clog your drains, and become an allergy patient?

Definitely, nobody wants this. A bagged vacuum cleaner could be the only solution to handle all the above problems.

Although there are various types of vacuum cleaners available in the market, bagged vacuums are getting popularity due to their exceptional hygienic properties. It comes with a removable bag that holds the dirt and dust removed from the surface. Dust is prone to allergies and puts bad effects to you and your family’s health but with the help of a bagged vacuum you’ve no such hazard.

In such vacuums, a disposable cloth bag is fitted into the cloth section of vacuum which catches all the dust, debris, and other particles. A bagged vacuum cleaner in comparison with a bagless vacuum requires very little maintenance and you just need to dispose of the bag without getting its filter too dirty.

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Benefits of Choosing a Bagged Vacuums:

Although bagless vacuum cleaners are more popular than bagged vacuums, we can see bagged vacuums have upper hand in many cases over bagless vacuums:

Better Air Quality: The basic purpose of cleaning an environment is to get the hygienic, healthy, dust-free and fresh atmosphere and bagged vacuums have second to none in this field. It collects garbage without leaving a bit of dust and in result, you are getting allergy-free environment. If you or any of your family member has asthma, allergy to dust, flu etc. you should definitely buy a bagged vacuum. There’s no hassle when emptying the dust and debris. Just put off the old bad, throw it in the trashcan and put on the new one.

Keeping it in view, in recent years, the manufacturers have specifically designed thebags with multilayers to improve the air quality. The material of these bags helps successfully capturing even micro level dust particles.

Easier Maintenance: A bagged vacuum requires less maintenance than a bagless option because the filter is placed in the vacuum bag. You are free of the irritating job of emptying the container and cleaning of filter and time to time swapping with new filter. So, no need to dismantle your vacuum every time you're replacing the filter. Just toss the bag away and put on a new one which has its new filter in it. Easy-peasy.

Cost: We have discussed earlier that a bagless vacuum is less expensive in its price and many people think that a bagged vacuum is costly than a bagless unit, but it is the one side of the picture. Buying a new filter every now and then, getting its maintenance is continuous fatigue if you are using a bagless vacuum. You only need to change the bag when it is filled and, in most cases, it just requires once a year.

No Mess When Disposing of Dirt: While emptying the container of bagless vacuum, you can’t avoid the flying dust coming out of it. You’ll definitely need to keep empty trash or a deep trash can to dispose of dirt. Whereas, in case of a bagged vacuum no need to worry about any mess. Just remove the bag, throw it and you are done.

Emptying vacuums: Bagged vacuums tend to have larger capacity for debris compared to a bagless unit and ultimately can hold the garbage for a longer period.  Normally, an upright bagless unit capacity is up to 2.6 liters whereas a bagged upright vacuum can hold 4.2 liters. So, you’ll complete your job in one shift with a bagged vacuum when you are cleaning a carpet or hard floor of a medium to large home whereas a bagless vacuum will need to be emptied before accomplishing the task.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Bagged Vacuum Cleaner:

Everyone wants every household item in sleek shape and cool colors, but you should look first what features a vacuum is equipped with. Ones look might attract you but the features it has might not fulfill your needs.Different products come with different features and you should choose the one which fulfills your needs. If you’ll not consider a few things before buying a new bagged vacuum you are in a permanent agony hanging around with a useless machine unable to serve your purposes:

The Surface Type You Want to Clean:  What type of flooring you have to clean is probably the most considerable thing. Is your home/office is mainly carpeted, has hard floor, hardwood, or tile floor. Is there a large area to be cleaned? For example, for large areas, an upright vacuum could be the better choice. Some people like canister vacuums especially if they have hardwood or tile flooring and if you’re one of them, make sure get one with a floor nozzle having a motor propelling brushroll and adjustable height.

Like your surface is tile floors, it's better to consider best vacuum for tile floors,  you set up hardwood choose vacuum for hardwood floors is perfect idea, or carpet is your flooring it's better to use vacuum for carpet, .... It's not wrong to choose one vacuum for different surface, but you will be easy confused and to get the desired thing is not the point here.

Suction power: Performance of a vacuum cleaner totally depends on the power of the suction motor and this is the area where a buyer should focus if they want a long-lasting product. Amperage ratings, peak horsepower, wattage, air watts in some products, sealed suction, and air flow should be known before ordering a vacuum.

Corded or cordless (battery operated): Although, mostly corded vacuums are more effective than a battery-operated unit due to their enhanced power suction and best for larger space and in this case length and quality of power cable should be considered. However, for some places like your car, or even a smaller home, a cordless vacuum suit best with easy maneuverability.

Type of filter: A vacuum cleaner sucks the debris and deposits into the bag. A filter is required to prevent the dust from escaping back to the air. There are two places in a vacuum cleaner where filters are being used (i) motor filter: to prevent the motor from any damage from dust and dirt (ii) exhaust filter: air in air out is required for suction and the air comes with dust and particles. Now the exhaust coming back to the atmosphere will fill the room with dust without a quality filter.

Type of bag: Each bagged vacuum cleaner has a specific bag and you should look for one suits your needs. If you have a larger space, a vacuum with a small capacity might not serve you best and you are going to buy new bags after a very short time. Moreover, if you have a respiratory problem, asthma, or allergy don’t buy a vacuum with a single ply bag and go for a multilayer one. Industry introduced self-sealing bags to prevent dirt wafts from escaping while swapping the bag.

Fill location / full bag indicator: Every coming day, products come with improved technologies and vacuum cleaners have no exception. A number of vacuums are featured with full bag indicator to let you know, it’s time to change your bag. A light will be lit to indicate your bag is filled at a certain level. Some bags have fill lines or other indications instead of a light.

Weight: A lightweight model is easier to maneuver especially if you have to move it around flour to flour and on stairs.

Height adjustment: Automatic height adjustment allows you to float your machine up and down on the surface needs to be vacuumed without wasting your time.

Noise level: Some models produce extensive noise which is irritating and there are people who hate this. If you are the one, better get a less noisy vacuum.

Accessories/Attachments: It’s you who know what type of vacuuming you need to be done. Vacuum attachments make your job easier and convenient but not every model comes with every required attachment. For example, if you want to crave into tight spots, along baseboards, and other hard to reach areas, a skinny shape, and angled tip crevice tool is a must. Same goes with other tools like dusting brush, upholstery tool, extension wand, motorized brush head, turbo brush, bare floor brush, mattress attachment, blind attachment, pet groomers and much more.

Construction: All that glitter is not gold. Don’t make a decision just because it looks good. First, take a glance at what material is used in its making. Whether the construction is durable, lighter in weight and easy to maintain? A sturdy constructed machine will sustain for years although it will little harder on your budget. Even though some people don’t want to spend extra bucks, so they can compromise on the quality of the material.

Top 5 best bagged vacuums cleaners in our recommendations for 2019-2020

Although, there’s a long list of bagged vacuum cleaners, here are a few recommendations with the best options you’d love to buy for your cleaning needs. Undermentioned vacs have earned a lot of fame due to their handy job.

Bissell Zing bagged 4122

  • Full bag indicator
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry handle

Hoover Tempo U5140900

  • Full bag indicator
  • 3 mhepa filtration
  • Plentiful of attachments

Oreck bagged XL2100RHS

  • Powerful Suction
  • Highspeed Brushroll
  • Automatic Adjustment

Hoover U6485900

  • auto lock on upright position
  • Bag-fill indicator
  • Great HEPA filtration

Panasonic MC-UG471

  • Quiet operation
  • automatic height adjustment
  • HEPA filtration

1. Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum (Bagged), Maroon, 4122

Just order this majestic bagged vacuum and put to use on wood floors, rugs and small to large carpeted areas. Assembly is a breeze although you can look at the manual anyways and it’s a matter of minutes from opening the box to plugging in the power cord for some grave dust bunny busting.

It's light in weight (approx. 12.5lbs) easy to move around, not too noisy and does a really nice job tackling the lint and dust on the hardwood floors under the beds, getting rid of all the crumbs, built up dust on walls and curtains, and no matter how much scuzz manages to accumulate under the sofa and chairs.

Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum (Bagged), Maroon, 4122

The multi-surface floor nozzle with 10 amps power rating is a powerful tool to carry out your cleaning business. The machine comes along with adjustable telescoping metal wand which helps easily maneuvering around and apprehending the covert particles from inaccessible areas.

It also has a great feature of auto cord rewind which ensures the safe storage of your power cord by retracting with just a push of a button when you’re done with your cleaning job. A full bag indicator will be lit when your bag is filled to a certain level to alert you it’s time to change/empty your bag. It’s equipped with a couple of filters that extend the life of the motor.


  • Full bag indicator  
  • Lightweight    
  • Auto cord rewind
  • Easy to carry handle
  • Very less noisy


  •   Telescoping extenders or the floor tool don’t have a locking mechanism.
  •  Limited power

2. Hoover Tempo WidePath Upright Corded Vacuum (Bagged) U5140900

Hoover has a history of launching over the counter products in vacuuming industry and Tempo WidePath Upright U5140900 is one of their top-quality bagged vacuum cleaners which practically dominated its rivals. This model comes with a clear 15-inch-wide path sweeper head which is wider than the average vacuums, cleaning greater area in one sweep.

Hoover Tempo WidePath Upright Corded Vacuum (Bagged) U5140900

Its Rinsable Filter could be reused again and again after rinsing and definitely, it’ll stay longer with great HEPA filtration, a great gift for allergy sufferers. Let’s be honest you can't beat the price which is a great value. With a 12-amp motor, it seems to have extreme sucking power which gets all the hair and dust and dander out of the grossest rug. Although it produces some noise but all in all it’s a great buy.

A 25ft length of power cord is convenient for a mid-sized home/office so you can drag it all over the house without switching outlets. The bag is fabulously made with Allergen Media which filters and traps 99% of dust, dander, and pollens down to 5 microns. The attachments are excellent and plentiful which include crevice and upholstery tools, a dusting brush and two extension wands.

With 14.8 lbs weight, it’s a bit heavier than some other brands but easy to drag handle works well so you can move around. With a 6 ft long hose and 5 positions adjustable height options, you can reach out every corner of the house. The construction is not as much rough and tough (thinner flimsier hose, low quality plastic) but at this price, it’s worth buying with lots of other great qualities.


  • Full bag indicator 
  • 3 mhepa filtration
  • Inexpensive 
  • Equally works on carpets and bare floor
  • Plentiful of attachments
  • 15-inch-wide path
  • 5 position height adjustment


  • Built with low-quality material
  • Noisy
  • Not great for pet hair
  • Low powered 

3. Oreck Commercial XL Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Bagged), XL2100RHS

This quality grade Upright bagged vacuum cleaner is one of the best appliances widely used for commercial purposes and also best for large-sized homes. This model is a workhorse capable of vacuuming with ultimate power and high ended performance.

This royal model is equipped with Microsweep technology which’s ideal for multi-floor cleaning. With just 9lbs weight and automatic height adjustment, it’s highly portable and easy to carry wherever you want. With its direct suction power and 12"wide cleaning path it is equally useful for cabinets, baseboards, racks, and under the furniture and desks. Whether you have carpeted flooring, hardwood, tiling or lamination, this unit will suck microscopic particles without leaving a bit.

Oreck Commercial XL Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Bagged), XL2100RHS

A 35ft long power cable makes it easier to maneuver your machine in every corner without breaking your tempo by plugging it once. The construction is highly durable with a sleek design having a fancy blue color. This premium quality vacuum is featured with powerful side edge brushes spinning at 6500 RPM and swift, impartial and hefty roller brush which are capable of avulsing all dust particles, pet hair and allergen bacteria stuck with the surface.

A top-notch 630in“top fill” bag prevents the vacuum from losing suction power. Oreck's exclusive Helping Hand handle is a great help for easy to go vacuuming job. You won’t have to squeeze your hand or twist your wrist while cleaning with the vacuum. The manufacturers offer a one-year commercial warranty on this model along with one-year belt warranty.


  • Powerful Suction  
  • Highspeed Brushroll 
  • Lighter in Weight  
  • Low in Price
  • Long Power Cord 
  • Oreck's Exclusive Helping Hand Handle 
  • Swift and Powerful Side Edge Brushes
  • Automatic Height Adjustment


  • Limited Warranty
  •  Headlight not Included
  • Single Speed
  • No Permanent Belt
  •  No Swivel Steering 

4. Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel Self-Propelled Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Bagged) U6485900

Another great product by Hoover which has fetched a wide range of people’s attraction all over the world. Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel Upright bagged vacuum cleaner has an awesome self-propel feature which will make you feel much lighter as compared to its weight and even a kid can drag it.

The vacuum cleaner is handy with 3 positions height adjustment and if the vacuum is running and locked in on upright position, the brush roll will stop rotating automatically. This great feature prevents the brush roll from needless running and consuming the electricity.

Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel Self-Propelled Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Bagged) U6485900

A full bag indicator will alert to get its bag changed. Unit comes with extremely powerful and efficient, HEPA-type Y fabric type bag inside to slay allergen for both hard and carpeted flooring. The power cord is not retractable which could be annoying but a top hook can keep it safe when the cord is rolled and hanged on it.

A number of accessories are included in the package such as Crevice Tool, for a short Anniversary hose, a couple of Extension Tubes make up for its limited reach, Upholstery Tool, Dusting Brush for use on upholstery or a narrow area where the whole unit won’t fit and Air Powered Hand Tool (a bit noisy but does precise job well).


  • Self-propelled   
  • 3 positions height adjustment with
  • auto lock on upright position 
  • Bag-fill indicator
  • Great HEPA filtration
  • Hand tool for narrow space


  • Anniversary hose is fairly short
  • No auto rewind power cord
  • Loud like hell

5. Panasonic MC-UG471 12-Amp Motor Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Bagged) with HEPA Filter and Attachments

Solid, simple yet full-featured, 17.2 lbs weighing Panasonic MC-UG471 Upright Bagged vacuum cleaner has all that you can think of a premium vacuum cleaner. Panasonic has earned a great repo in the recent history of electronics appliances and this model is the proof. You would never have a bad or negative experience with Panasonic.

Are you sick of annoying noise produced during vacuuming? Get a powerful still quiet 12-amp motor with great suction which equally goes from carpet to hard floor without manually having to make an adjustment. The addition of the HEPA filter is a plus bonus that does not allow dust, pollens, and allergen to be thrown back in the room with the added feature of helping to remove odors while you vac. It only needs to be changed once a year and is fairly inexpensive.

Panasonic MC-UG471 12-Amp Motor Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Bagged) with HEPA Filter and Attachments

If the U6 HEPA replacement bags are a little pricy, you can use the cheaper U3 bags. With a bright automatic headlight, not a trivial spot could be left unattended. Cleaning larger areas is game of a few minutes with a 15-inch wide cleaning path. With auto adjustable height you go from fairly high pile carpet to very low pile area rugs without turning a dial manually to adjust the height as you move to varying surfaces.

Another great feature of this machine is auto rewind cord. With a slight push on a button and it sucks the cord into the machine. So simple. The attachments are decent as well. The hoses are long enough to reach the ceiling and you can use them like a canister vacuum if required. The turbo upholstery attachment works great. Hand turbine dusting brush, two 13-inch standard wands, and crevice tool are a great addition for above floor vacuuming and removing lint or pet hair.


  • Bright automatic light  
  • HEPA filtration
  • Sturdy attachments
  • Quiet operation
  • Wide cleaning path with automatic height adjustment
  • Auto cord retraction
  • Powerful suctionMotor protection system


  • Not great for bare floor
  • Heavier in weight
  • 20-foot cord is not enough long

Final Thoughts:

With a brief study of the bagged vacuum cleaners, we tried to give you some idea of what you should choose for your home cleaning purpose. Bagged vacuum cleaners are getting popularity due to their effortless cleaning job. Very little to no maintenance is required. They provide added air quality keeping you away from allergens, pollution, dusty environment. The given detail will help you save your hard-earned money from throwing on a product which was not fit for your vacuuming needs. Get one that suits you and save bucks on unnecessary purchases!

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