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Top 5 Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum for Intex Review in 2020

On hot summer days, owing an above ground pool is such a blessing everyone dreams for. Nothing can beat the feelings of jumping into the chilled water and extracting all the heat absorbed throughout the hot day.

What a misery if you haven’t enough bucks in your vault, or space in your yard to enjoy a traditional swimming pool? No need to get worry anymore as Intex above ground pools are the best solution which not only save your bucks but your space as well. Intex pools need no construction and consume very negligible budget.

So, at least one problem is solved now but what about the accumulated dirt, pebbles, leaves, grass and other debris? No need to worry about either. All this filth and grime would definitely be sucked out if you own a best above ground pool vacuum for Intex which will help keeping your pool’s water crystal clear.

Cleaning Intex Above Ground Pools with Vacuum Cleaner

There’s no argument about maintaining the hygiene and sanitation of pools is indispensable to prevent any infections and algae growth and to make it a source of relaxation and fun for you and your family.

To ensure above ground pool’s sanitation, you need to vacuum it on regular basis at least once a week. The cleaning process of a pool is a bit tricky so need to be explained briefly. How to hook up a vacuum is the first thing to consider for the provision of appropriate suction and catching all the unwanted debris from the pool.

The market is full of above ground vacuum cleaners with which you can clean your pool (i) Manually and (ii) Automatically.

1. Manual Cleaning:

Vacuuming your above ground pool with manual process could be performed in two ways.

a. Vacuuming with the help of garden hose

A few things you need to vacuum your above ground Intex pool which are pool vacuum head, a garden hose and telescoping pole.

Telescoping pole is attached to the vacuum head. The one side of garden hose is attached to water source and the other one attached with vac. Collection bag is then hooked up to the vac and is immersed in the pool.

However, make it sure the filtration system is turned off and keep the water running before putting the vac unto the water. The water will drive all the air out from the hose. With the long, slow, gentle and sweeping strokes will catch all the debris.

b. Vacuuming while using a skimmer Plate

Along with above equipment, a skimmer plate is required for cleaning the debris more efficiently. Before starting vacuuming process clean pool filter by reversing the flow of water through it.

Pool circulating pump and the valve should be turned off to divert the pump suction force towards skimmer inlet. Telescopic pole is then hooked up with the vac head as well as the vacuum hose.

By holding the telescopic pole in hand, the vac head is lowered into the bottom of the pool along with the hose’s one end that is attached to the vac head whereas the other open end is still out of water.

Now the outer end of the hose is kept underwater to fill it up and once the bubbles disappear the pool circulation pump is then switched on. The vac hose is then inserted through the skimmer plate. That plate is then fixed into the skimmer basket.

Once the vacuuming is started, it’ll pull all the dirt and grime from the pool unless the dirt get it clogged. Remove the debris by switching it off and then the process is continued until the complete cleaning is carried out.

2. Automatic Pool Cleaner

To keep the above ground pool, sparkling all the time is very overwhelming if you’re cleaning it manually as it takes extra time and it’s lots of fatigue.

Automatic pool cleaners however are the great help to prevent you from such lethargic job after spending the whole summer day in office. With the advanced technology, automatic vacuum pool cleaners work swiftly, perfectly, and efficiently.

These vacuum cleaners require very little maintenance and installation is also a piece of cake. These cleaners have different suction levels and are a great source of keeping your above ground pool clean and sanitize.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners for Above Ground Intex Pools

Why on earth I clean my above ground Intex pool manually when I have lots of other jobs to do and I can upkeep its sanitation with the help of automatic pool vacuums.

For above ground pool cleaning, the automatic vacuums are preferable and you need to know how many types of vacuum are there and what things differentiate them from each other. There are three types of automatic vacuum cleaners which are.

a. Suction Pool Vacuums

This type of vac does the same job as you were doing manually (discussed above) but in that case you have you remain present and engaged with the manual cleaning of pool whereas this suction side pool will do the similar job at its own.

The suction of this cleaner relies on the pump that’s providing water to the pool. You’ll attach the vacuum hose with the water inlet and it’ll do the same procedure of cleaning as a manual cleaner does, just it isn’t you but the vac itself is moving around to collect debris from the pool.

The suction of this type is great than a robot vac but it definitely leads to higher electricity bills as they get their suction from the pump and the pump consumes more power. Suction pool vacuums are very affordable in all three categories.

b. Pressure Pool Vacuums

This type of vacuuming has some advancements in comparison with the suction pool vacuums. It also depends on the pool pump and filter. It doesn’t get the power from pump suction but utilizes the pressure generated by waterflow on the pressurized side of the pump.

Once the pressurized water goes through the cleaner, it empowers the wheels and starts sucking all the debris. This type of cleaners come along with their own collection filtered bag which is a great plus over suction cleaner where the pool filter is used for vacuuming and definitely prone to wear and tear due to excessive use.

Unlike suction vacuums, you don’t have to backwash the filter once you’ve completed your cleaning job. Pressure pool vacuums also consume extra electricity power as they get their suction from the pool pump, so be ready for extra electricity bills.   

c. Robotic Pool Vacuums

The more expensive yet exceptionally efficient pool vacuum is there which is equipped with latest technological features. A robotic vacuum means there’s a person like who’s doing all its prescribed jobs without needing any human aid.

Unlike suction and pressure pool vacs, they don’t need any pool pump suction or anything else. Just plug in the power socket, put it loose into the water and you are done with cleaning. Let this little master do its job itself and walk away for some other incomplete tasks.

An internal collection bag captures every bit of grime from the pool. Some robotic vacuums come with remote control for ease of use. This type is expensive than the other two types but the features and ease provision make it the perfect choice.

Things to Consider When Shopping Vacuum Cleaner for Above Ground Intex Pool

One above ground pool cleaner may work great for some but might be quite useless for someone else. It all depends on different factors and requirements one should take into account before putting finger on a product.

Cleaner Type: All three types of cleaners are discussed above and one should take a look onto these three types, their way of work, do’s and don’ts and then finalizing their deal.

Pool Size: This is the basic thing to consider when you’re buying a vac that how much area is required to be cleaned. A low powered machine is useless for a big size pool and vice versa. Suction and pressure pool vacuums are perfect for larger sizes while the robotic vacuum hasn’t sufficient suction for those larger pools.

PoolShape: Along with pool size the shape also matters. A pool which has lots of obstacles, stairs, steps, especial counters etc. a pre-programmed robotic vacuum will work great instead of other types of vacuums.

Filtration Rate:Filtration system is another key point that plays vital role in proficiency and longevity of vacuum cleaner. The speed of the vacuuming is the filtration rate which guarantees how much debris will get caught by cleaner. The filtration rate of 70 to 75 gallons/minute is normally considered the best one.

Accessories: Different products comes along with different accessories, some we use daily, some never. These accessories enhance the overall performance of the machine and make many jobs easier. Look for such accessories and make a purchase with such one that are required for your pool otherwise you’ll have to buy them separately and this will definitely consume your extra budget.

Cleaning Cycle: Make sure how much debris accumulated in your pool and how much time a cleaner run. Get one with longer cleaning cycleto ensue complete cleaning of the pool without running out of battery.

Hose Length: To avoid any inconvenience during pool cleaning, make it sure the hose length is sufficient to carry out end to end cleaning.

The Amount of Debris Needs to be Cleaned: Before choosing a cleaner for your above ground Intex pool you should carefully look around the area your pool is placed on. For cleaning fine dirt and debris, a regular cleaner would work best but if your pool’s location attracts lots of debris like under trees, or high traffic area then a cleaner with higher filtration rate, powerful suction and large collection bag would suit your cleaning requirements.

Our review and recommendations for best above ground pool vacuum for Intex as below:

After deep research and thorough study, I have selected top five above ground Intex vacuums in all three (suction, pressure, and robotic) categories.

1. Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Suction Above Ground Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner

Hayward has a successful history of over 80 years by providing high-tech vacuums for above ground pool owners and 900 Wanda is the one super example. Gone are those days when people used to drudge themselves in pool cleaning manually. Just put your cleaner in the pool and it’ll perform its job by itself without engaging you. 

This model is specifically designed to keep your above ground pool spot free no matter what’s the size or shape of the pool. This little guy works much better with the existing filtration system and requires virtually no work other than to put it in the water, fill the hose and plug it in the skimmer. It’s great for energy saving as no booster pump is required for its operation.

Its SmartDrive program steering drives the machine in each corner of the pool capturing even fine dirt, leaves and other debris without consuming much time and it never stuck in the corners by effectively navigating even the awkward angles. The installation is a breeze which takes less than 10 minutes and needs no tools and ready for work. If you’re looking for an easy but not over-the-top expensive piece of equipment to keep your pool clean, this model would be your first choice.

The pool water will always remain crystal clear, sparkling clean and odor-free as Hayward Wanda will keep the water circulating in smart cleaning pattern by pulling it from the bottom.  The hose is long enough to let the whale wander all around navigating pool stairs without getting hung up. Its innovative turbine system ensures consistent and balanced water flow There are no bags to dump.


  • Hose has plenty of length (32ft)
  • Super easy installation and simple operation
  • Water circulation with turbine system
  • No collection bag to dump
  • Inexpensive
  • Hassle-free automatic operation


  • Bottom rubber feet fall off time to time
  • Does not clean the sides of the pool

2. Intex Above Ground Auto Pool Cleaner

Because it's from Intex, it has a better chance of working with my Intexabove ground pools.It hooks up to the return port where the water comes back into the pool which is great as the vacuum does not clog the intake strainer or skimmer basket.

The company recommended a filter pump with a flow rate of 16,00 to 35,00GPH (gallons per hour) so you can clean filter without fighting water loss if you go with the average 2500GPH pump.Lower pump GPH flow would probably work but it’ll make the pressure low, so the better the water flow rate the better the pool cleaner will work.

The hoses need to be installed in their specified manner. There are two types of hoses (labled B and C) with 1-1.5in hose fittings and they have to be installed in alternating fashion because only one of those hoses has a swivel joint. The total length of hose is approx. 25ft which is great for Intex pools.

The machine is simple to operate with great setup and easy to hook up if you have very basic plumbing skills. No tools required and everything fits by hand. It picks up everything from sand to leaves to dead bugsin a catch basin inside the vacuum which comes with a fine mesh screen that keeps the dirt from going back into the pool.

The positive flow through the vacuum drives it back and forth to give you full coverage of the pool. The water flows through the top, causing a paddle gear to turn which slides a mechanism to switch a valve which redirects the water to flow from front to back and it changes the direction the cleaner is propelled.

It operates quite smoothly and consistently even your pool has wrinkles or some other obstacles, it’ll just hit those obstacles, wait for a while and then shoots off in the opposite direction. It circulates the water all around the pool creating a better flow pattern for the main pool filter.


  • Very economical price
  • Easy assembly
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fully automated
  • Picks up all dirt and debris without leaving anything


  • Hose length is short
  • Just applicable for Intex pools

3. Aquabot APRVJR Intex Above Ground Pool Rover Junior Robotic Pool Cleaner

No more trying to clean the pool bottom with a crappy vacuum that runs off of the pool's own filter system. The Aquabot Junior Rover picks up every ounce of debris, including pollen and dirt from Intex above ground pool! It works without hooking up any tubes to the pump and is a snap to clean.Thanks to the 2-micro filter bag that comes with it with easy bottom access. Its super easy to clean the filter bag too. Just wash it out with a water hose.

This model has a 2-hrs timer set up which is sufficient for the whole pool cleaning then it goes to rest mode. Its extra wide non-marring wheels easily glide without getting stuck even there are wrinkles or obstacles on the surface. The floating cable has 40ft length that gives the unit freedom of movement throughout the pool surface. Also, there’s a wheel pin with different holes for easier pivoting of wheels.

This model offers great saving of water as it needs no back-washing and all the grime is picked up through its own filter. Keeps the water circulating and sparkling and needs no chemicals. Also saves a lot energy in terms of minimal electricity usage. The single pump 24-volt motor which holds 1-year warranty provides strong suction with more than 4200GPH that not only grabs every bit of dirt but also propels the machine over surface with its jet-driven technique.

The power control transformer has one power outlet which converts 120vac into 12vdc, an on/off button and an adjustable button to change the cycle time with 0 and 1 options for small and large pools respectively.


  • Saves your energy, chemicals, and water
  • No hooking up tubes or hoses
  • Micron filter grabs up to 2-micron sized dirt
  • Sufficient power cord length
  • Auto shut-off option after self-cleaning
  • Large non-marring wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Jet-driven technology for propulsion


  • Cord tends to tangle up
  • Expensive

4. Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 6-130-00 Pressure Side Automated Above Ground Pool Cleaner

The Polaris Vac-Sweep is quite simpler to setup, and does an incredible job in collecting debris from the bottom of the above ground pool having depth of up to 5 feet. It runs off the return jet instead of the skimmer so don't worry about missing skimming capabilities on your pool. The actual bottom bag doesn't vacuum, but it uses 2 jets of water that propel the bag around on the floor and push debris into the it.

As it connects to the out-feed of the water it won’t clog or doesn’t bog down the filter pump. When you’ve done with pool cleaning and the family wants to enjoy swimming it takes about a couple of minutes to detach it and take it out of the pool...very small price to pay for a sparkling, care-free pool.

A 24 feet hose is long enough to clean the pool up to 24ft round and you can add hoses if your pool is larger than that. The weight of the unit is almost 14lbs which makes it a kid’s task to perform cleaning chores.

The unit changes its direction automatically in every 15 to 25 seconds. In the QuickDisconnect, the pressure relief valve releases the water automatically and the movement of cleaner could be controlled by adjusting the pressure relief valve settings. As far as the material quality it seems pretty nice and durable. The price range is also very affordable.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable price
  • Works equally on uneven and plain pool bottom
  • Easy movement control with pressure relief valve
  • Robust built
  • Circulates the water on the bottom of the pool with jets
  • No electricity, therefore energy efficient and safe operation


  • The unit wraps itself into a wad of hoses
  • Sometimes it turns over and dumps water out of the pool

5. Pentair K50600 KreepyKrauly E-Z Vac IntexAbove Ground Suction-Side Pool Cleaner

Pentair KreepyKrauly E-Z Vac is an economical choice of automatic pool vacuums, and it gets the job done well compared to other brands/models. It hooks up to your skimmer line and is powered by your pool’s pump and filter. Random pattern cleaning action vacuums your entire pool automatically with optimum vacuuming power due to its premium hydraulic design.

It hooks to your suction line and goes through the filtration system on the pool. Fast and efficient with the ability to slow it down or speed it up. It does not get stuck on wrinkles or other small obstacle and most of all it doesn't get leaves caught in the inlet causing it to stall. You’ll really like that it climbs the walls. You can adjust the Dive Float with small knobs by lowering or raising them so the kreepyKrauly will not climb too high on the pool walls.

It comes with twelve 1-meter hoses and these cover all the pool area. With two weights keep the hose inside water. The hoses attach to the cleaner pretty firmly and no chances of becoming loose during operation. The unit is designed to change its cleaning pattern automatically when reaches any obstacle. This unit is backed by 2-years manufacturer’s warranty which is a great plus.

Watch the pressure tester. You will see two lines – min and max. With max setting the machine will vacuum faster but will produce noise. The lower the pressure, the more quietly it operates, and the better it vacuums as it’ll leave no debris behind. Out of all of them this one is easy to maintain and seems to be made of robust materials. Make it sure your pump is bigger than 3/4 hp otherwise it’ll be useless on your above ground Intex pool. The manufacturers introduced bumper strap, with which the machine is protected from hitting the walls thus making it one of the best above ground pool vacuums for Intex.


  • No hassle of electric cords
  • Affordable price
  • Random-pattern cleaning system
  • Climbs the walls ensuring thorough cleaning
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Backed by 2-years warranty


  • Pretty noisy
  • Doesn’t work with pumps smaller than 3/4 hp

Final Thoughts

Having an Intex above ground pool is such a great gift for those who can’t enjoy the pool life due to unavailability of front or back yard space but keeping the water sparkling, uninfected and healthy is a matter of real annoyance. The above ground pool vacuums for Intex can take the charge of providing clean, glittering and health-efficient pol water if you choose one with intense care. Without putting you in that hassle, I myself did deep research and careful study and chosen above top 5 best above ground pool cleaners for Intex to bring ultimate pleasure to your current and coming summers.