5 things you should consider to choose the good vacuum cleaner that suitable to your need

You’re tiring to clean the floor by using the mop with large area, take much time to finish and its important thing is the air and floors are still be with dust.

It’s now to think about one vacuum cleaner and use it for your floors. I agree with you it’s costly but they have much benefits. To pick up and buy a vacuum cleaner for your house, you should care about some facts such like price, purpose of usage for which floors, what is the features,…In order to choose the best vacuum cleaners for your own, below are some notes which help you a lot and make you confident about buying a new vacuum cleaner.

1. Choose the vacuum cleaner that can save energy and high dust suck capacity

The most primary criteria for buy a best vacuum cleaner is power to suck the dust. If it’s not good, you will face some obstacles and feel a little problem during cleaning. However, many people are still in confused between power of engine and power of sucking dust.

Those are completely different. Power of engine is number to show how much energy need to run the engine, simply it’s power consumption. In the contrast, power of sucking dust is the capacity to suck the dust. More power of sucking dust more efficient engine of vacuum cleaner but it generates more noise.

2. Choose the vacuum cleaner with dust indicator light

During cleaning floors with vacuum cleaner, dust will be collected inside area which can be bag or box. By time, more dust will be there and you need to clean that as soon as possible to avoid any damage to vacuum cleaner. Since that reason, if vacuum is equipped with dust indicator light, it’s helpful to know when the dust is full inside the bag or box. Just looking that indicator light, if the light is on that means you need to clean to box or replace the dust bag.

3. Choose the vacuum cleaner with bag or box to collect the dust

Dust bag is made of different material. They can be paper bag when it’s full, just take it to dust bin and replace with the new one. They can be cloth bag, when it’s full, remove the dust and clean that with water and re-used again, no need to replace if it’s not necessary and save some money. There are also dust bags made of more advanced materials that can absorb odors, antibacterial and filter dust.

You should choose a dust bag with a protective device so that the machine will not be damaged by suctioning of metal objects. On the market, there are also many types of machines with magnetic dust bags that can prevent scrap when being sucked in.

4. Choose the vacuum with light weight and less noise

These two parameters are written on the vacuum cleaner body with labels or in the specification sheet. The heavier vacuum cleaner will make you feel inconvenient and tired when using, especially for women. Therefore, should choose a machine weighing about 5 - 6 kg is just right.

The noise of the vacuum cleaner is also a concern when using the machine, too noisy machine will affect your life and even make you crazy and you can’t stand about that.  So, the best is choosing the vacuum with less noise which noise levels less than 80dB is fine.

5. Some other note

Choose the vacuum cleaner with more zipper, pull in with buttons will be more convenient than using your hands. Wire length is also very important, long wires (operating radius of 8 - 9 m will be easy to use, no need to search for electrical socket).

There are also types of machines with suction and brush tips that make it convenient for you to clean electric fans, windows, furniture ... The handle must also be easily rotated in and out for convenience during the process.

In addition, type of vacuum cleaner depend on purpose, you can refer some vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors, for laminate floors, for tile floors, for carpet,..


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Jim N - September 24, 2020

I want to find a vacuum cleaner for my fashion store. I want to know whether vacuum cleaner can help to deal with dust on curtain, clothes, doors? Need your advice

    PaL+Smith - September 24, 2020

    Hi Jim N.

    I can help you if you can let me know what is your budge?

    Depend on budge, I can recommend some model which fit to your need.

Lena - September 24, 2020

I want to find a vacuum cleaner for hotel rooms, handle dust on ceilings, carpets … Thanks for finding help

Tom - September 24, 2020

I want to buy a vacuum cleaner with many different filters, so that I can vacuum the floor while vacuuming the sofa, bookshelf, the price is under 300$.
Admin, please advise me.

    PaL+Smith - September 24, 2020

    Hi Tom,

    You can go ahead with vacuum type: Electrolux. It support many filters, filter your price and check review and pickup

Michiel - September 24, 2020

You can advise me on a number of vacuum cleaners with good suction power that can suck cat hair, and a little moderate weight so that the elderly can also use them


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